CA Clarity Now Reflects the Impact of IT Budget Changes

The story, "CA Clarity now reflects the impact of IT budget changes," posted Monday, incorrectly referred to the CA Clarity brand, which has been renamed. Changes made to the story on the wire follow.

The headline now reads:

"CA PPM software now reflects the impact of IT budget changes"

The first paragraph now reads:

Project and portfolio managers who want to play with their projected budget numbers can now get a hand from a new extension of CA's project and portfolio management software, called the Executive Playbook.

The fifth paragraph now reads:

CA Executive Playbook is an update to CA's Clarity Playbook -- CA has dropped the "Clarity" name from its branding -- which provided a set of business analysis and decision support tools for users of CA's project and portfolio management (PPM) software. The new Executive Playbook is offered only as a software service, though it can work with on-premises installations of CA's software.

The sixth paragraph now reads:

Large organizations use PPM software to manage the budgets, personnel and other resources of multiple projects. With over 1,500 enterprise users, CA's is among the most widely used PPM packages, competing with software from Oracle, Microsoft, Planview and Hewlett-Packard.

The eighth paragraph now reads:

"Playbook allows us to drive from the very top-level business initiative down," Michelsen said. "We know we're spending $100 for an initiative and if we want to move from $100 to $110, Playbook shows us the spend in every other area, and allows us to make changes to our budgeting windows and change the portfolio investments all the way through [what had been called] Clarity."

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