Wanted for Hire: Engineers With Ideas of Their Own

Cambridge Consultants depends on the creativity of its engineers to solve problems for its clients.

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It’s a playground for engineers inside the new offices of Cambridge Consultants.

The UK-based firm recently relocated its U.S. headquarters to Boston, where it plans to expand headcount from 30 people today to more than 100 over the next three years (the company currently has 400 employees worldwide).

"We're looking for engineers of all different disciplines -- software engineers, mechanical engineers, electronics engineers, program managers. There's a whole breadth of high quality jobs being created by the move,” says David Bradshaw, a director at Cambridge Consultants.

The 54-year-old firm’s specialty is product development. "Clients tell us about a problem they're facing in the marketplace. That might be a competitive threat that they want to respond to, it might be some IP protection that they need to build, or they might be worrying about an expiring patent. We apply technology to solve that problem for them," Bradshaw says.

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