First Look: Firefox 35

Mozilla brings an app store, performance tweaks, and more to latest Firefox Web browser.

firstlook 1

Firefox 35 is here!

Even though the browser’s market share has hit its lowest point since 2006, Firefox’s devs are still hard at work improving the original IE competitor. This time, the emphasis is on social sharing and Firefox’s own app ecosystem. Have a look.

firstlook 2

Firefox Marketplace

Own-brand, own-ecosystem app stores are quite the rage, aren’t they? Mozilla joins the party with the Firefox Marketplace, which runs native apps on your computer. The selection is a bit limited, but there are some diverting little games in there.

firstlook 3

New conversation model for Hello

Mozilla’s intriguing chat/messaging client got a facelift, simplifying the interface and making it possible to keep running conversations going. Pretty slick.

firstlook 4

New search UI

Firefox 35 tweaks the new user interface for search that was introduced in Firefox 34 just a little bit, adding in extra search options.

firstlook 5

Performance tweaks

Firefox 35 introduces several performance enhancements, to areas like high-quality image resizing, dynamic styling changes, and adds support for tiled rendering on OS X and a couple new HTML5 APIs.

firstlook 6

Firefox Share updates

The Firefox Share feature now has a new look and some new options for social integration, letting you irritate your friends with links to pictures of French bulldogs on a range of different platforms.

firstlook 7

The usual security and developer bits and pieces

Every new Firefox version brings a raft of under-the-hood changes aimed at securing the browser against malicious attacks and making things a little bit easier for web developers. This time around, Mozilla was even more tight-lipped than usual about the number of security updates, with no detailed list posted as of Tuesday afternoon.