20 of the Worst Passwords

Do you actually want people to break into your systems? Or do you just not care one way or the other? If so, here is a list of the most-used passwords of 2014, for your easy reference. This list is taken from SplashData’s Annual “Worst Passwords” List.

01 123456
Credit: Daniel Oines

If the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden was password protected, this was probably it.

02 password

If we weren't meant to use "password" as a password, then why does every site ask us to type in the password? Also, why is it conveniently eight characters long?

03 12345

For people too lazy to type in 123456. This password moved up 17 positions since last year, a sign that we, as a society, are going down the drain.

04 12345678

Well, this is one way to ensure that your password is exactly eight characters long.

05 qwerty
Credit: mpclemens

The letter equivalent of "12345" -- useful for those of us who want a really bad password, but suffer from a bad case of numerophobia.

06 1234567890
Credit: List_84

Can you drag your finger across the top row of your keyboard? Then you, too, can have a password.

07 1234

You know what I said before about the laziness of people choosing "12345"? I take it all back.

08 baseball
Credit: Tim Donovan

The sheer excitement of sitting at a computer, typing on a keyboard can only be matched by going and watching a game of baseball. So this one fits.

09 dragon
Credit: lensonjapan

Hey -- don't go assuming that every computer user is a big D&D nerd. Some just really liked that last Hobbit movie. And the rest are in love with Benedict Cumberbatch but can't spell his name.

10 football
Credit: Tim Donovan

Just like surfing the Web too long, playing football can cause your brain to lose function. Unfortunately, helmets can only do so much.

11 1234567
Credit: Daniel Oines

Seven is everyone's favorite lucky number, right? Doesn't that mean that criminals will never guess this password?

12 monkey

A million monkeys sitting at typewriters would be able to come up with a million better passwords.

13 letmein

For fans of the 2010 horror film, vampires in general, and the Big Bad Wolf.

14 abc123

The password of choice if you're a member of a 1970s soul group.

15 111111
Credit: Dean Ashton

Finally, a password that a cat can type just by sitting on the keyboard.

16 mustang
Credit: Steve Arnold

The mustang is new to the list this year. Is the Internet finally hitting its mid-life crisis?

17 access

A simple, concise password with an unassuming air that just does what it says. No bells, no whistles. For when "Open Sesame" is too spicy and exotic.

18 shadow
Credit: Jeff Turner

Who knows your password? The shadow knows. Also, everyone else.

19 master

If you plan to have one password to rule all the sites you can call it "master" but I would call it "my precious."

20 michael

Michael was the No.1 name for boy babies in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s -- who are all now in their prime Internet-using years. That's one possible explanation for the popularity of this password. Another? The soulful croonings of Michael Bublé.