Box CEO Aaron Levie's Top 10 Snarkiest Tweets

CEO of IPO-bound Box is not afraid to stir the pot on Twitter

It’s rare to find a CEO of a high-profile company who is more outspoken on social media than Aaron Levie, founder and “chief magician” (as he calls himself) of Box, which today is launching its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday Jan. 23.

Levie (@Levie) is snarky, brutally honest and clever in his Tweets. And they get a lot of attention. Below are 10 of @levie’s most-shared Tweets:

Apple-Microsoft over the years

Number of retweets: 2,097

Career advice

Number of retweets: 1,971

Innovation’s dilemma

Number of retweets: 1,800

CompSci for the big bucks

Number of retweets: 1,457

The North Korea effect

Number of retweets: 1,347

Business advice

Number of retweets: 1,111

Invasion of drones

Number of retweets: 943

The Interview’s effect

Number of retweets: 603

But he didn’t quit

Number of retweets: 602

Flying high

Number of retweets: 567

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