13 Geeky SkyMall Catalog Treasures You Can’t Live Without!

You might want to act now given SkyMall’s financial situation.

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Sky Mall treasures

Word that the parent company of quirky airline catalog SkyMall has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection means it’s time to hurry up and order those treasures you’ve only browsed in the past. Here’s a short list of must-have items for techies, or that you might want to surprise someone else with.

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Do-it-yourself, battery operated ball fetch machine for your dog. And no, it’s not made by Apple.

Price: $100

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iPad Wall Clock

Apple doesn’t make this either, though this 16” x 12” glass wall hanging is inspired by the company’s iPad tablet.

Price: $65

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Portable Security Door Device

Something for the IT security director who has everything.

Price: $25

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Winky Cross Body Bag

Creepiness like this 3D lenticular eyeball tote never gets old.

Price: $39

012315 skymall 6

Wireless Road Mouse

Each car, which operates on 2.4 GHz frequency and has working headlights, comes with a unique VIN and a 1-year warranty.

Price: $40

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Ilumi Multicolor LED Smartbulb

These color tunable smart bulbs for lamps and fan lighting can be controlled via a downloadable smartphone app.

Price: $90-$100

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Grillight LED Grill Light/Spatula

Glow-in-the-dark barbeque gear for your backyard or a campsite.

Price: $25

012315 skymall 9

Towlhub with 4 USB ports

This brushed nickel paper towel holder combined with an electronic device charger gives you quick access to paper towels in case you spill something on your smartphone, too.

Price: $50-$90

012315 skymall 10

Squirrel Tree Climber Sculpture

Inexplicable, but outdoor safe and realistic.

Price: $35

012315 skymall 11

Zipper Pull Watch

The original smart digital watch? Includes a flashlight, too.

Price: $13

012315 skymall 12

Tablift Hands-Free Tablet Holder

What will they think of next? Laptop computers?

Price: $60

012315 skymall 13

Versailles Telephone

Old school, Royal Palace style. And it works.

Price: $100

012315 skymall 14

Biometric Fingerprint iWallet

Just in case Apple Pay doesn’t catch on. Actually, compatible with Apple, Android and Windows phones, plus protects credit cards from many RF devices.

Price: $420-$560