Best Ways to Celebrate Pi Day 2014

Pi is 3.14 (about), so that makes March 14 Pi Day.

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Pi Day

It’s the holiday for every mathematician small and large: Pi Day! If you’re not familiar, math enthusiasts around the world embrace March 14 to commemorate the mathematical constant. No matter the size of the circle, the ratio of its circumference to its diameter will always be 3.14. What better way to celebrate this than on 3/14? Here are 10 ways you and your math friends can celebrate the day. Be sure to check out our previous years’ guide to Pi Day for more tips on how to celebrate the holiday.

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10 Other ways to celebrate Pi Day (2102)

MIT Preps for Pi Day the pie way

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Show off your Pi clothing

There are a variety of clothing pieces and accessories you can wear or purchase, including sweatshirts, hats and shirts. All of these were found at the Boston Science Museum’s gift store, but there are also a variety of online sites that sell Pi related clothing.

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Cut your pizza pie with a pi cutter

Can you think of a better tool to cut pizza with than a pi cutter?

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Get Fido a Pi Day shirt

Humans don’t have to be the only ones celebrating Pi Day. Order here. Have a baby too? They can also have some Pi Day fun.

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Read up on the latest scientific research on Pi

In the March issue of the American Mathematical Monthly, there is some new commentary on the number pi. Mathematicians David H. Bailey and Jonathan Browein explore whether pi’s digits are statistically random. Powerful modern computers can help mathematicians answer questions that still linger about the number using analytics software. While the numbers never repeat in pi, Bailey and Browein go searching for patterns.

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Do pi-themed crossword puzzles

On March 14, 2007 the New York Times had a handful of clues that included the pi symbol in their answers to celebrate pi day, the answers to which are pictured above. has its own pi and circle-themed crossword puzzles to do here.

031014 piday 7

Go for a run of Pi miles (or kilometers if you want to shorten it up slightly)

And afterwards, feel free to treat yourself to some pie.

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Countdown to Pi Day, the unofficial site of Pi Day enthusiasts has tools bloggers can install on their websites with a countdown clock to Pi Day.

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Can’t wait for next year’s pi day? Then don’t

Why only celebrate pi on 3/14? Folks have some up with plenty of other excuses to celebrate pi on other days of the year. July 22, for example is the closest fraction to represent pi (22/7=3.14).

Listen to some Pi music

Math and music go well together, so there are a number of pi-related music videos. Some are good, some are not so great. We liked this one, where Michael Blake uses various instruments to “play” the number pi. He’s assigned different notes to the numerals and plays the notes in the order of pi. Technically, that could be the song that never ends…

Defend Pi!

Pi lovers, take notice: On this day to celebrate pi, there are some haters out there. Some math enthusiasts have undertaken a movement to use tau instead of pi in mathematical equations. Tau equals 2 pi, which some argue is a more logical way to measure a circle. For an explanation, watch the above video. And if you do defect to Tau instead of pi, we’ll help you celebrate Tau Day too (6/28).

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Get ready for next year

While Pi Day is an official national holiday, as ordained by the U.S. Congress in 2009, next year’s Pi Day on March 14, 2015 will be extra special because the date (3/14/15) has the first five digits of pi, not just the first three like most other pi days. So, enjoy today, but get ready for a big celebration next year.