25 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Geek Gals (and Guys)

Geeks at heart, these 25 Valentine’s Day gifts are for you and yours.

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Stephen Sauer

Gifts from the techie heart

Inspired by tech, science and math? So are the makers of these 25 Valentine’s Day gifts. Surprise a geek-minded sweetheart in your life with something special.

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Me & you keyboard

If you’re someone who goes all out for Valentine’s Day, check out Orée’s Romance Edition Board 2 keyboard ($225+), featuring a pair of initials hand-lacquered in red. You can also choose a poem to be engraved on the back of the keyboard. (Keyboard customizations take three weeks, but the company will ship a leather card to announce the gift.)

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Boxed lighting

Brighten someone’s day with the Cuboluce Lamp, a multicolored accent lamp that resembles a Rubik’s cube ($175 via MoMA Store). Open the lid to reveal the light.

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Tunes on the go

The lightweight BeoPlay A2 speaker ($399) from Bang & Olufsen is designed for portability and comes with an adjustable leather strap. The visually slick Bluetooth speaker has drivers on both sides to make for a wider field of sound. BeoPlay A2 remembers up to eight users, and it promises 24 hours of battery life on a single charge.

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From the heart

Wear your heart on your sleeve with the heart monitor cuff ($25) from Etsy shop Neurons Not Included. The design is printed onto the aluminum bracelet, which can be adjusted to fit. If an EKG doesn’t get your heart pumping, there are plenty more science-inspired pieces on the shop’s site.

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Coldhearted confection

Think outside the chocolate box with an assortment of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, delivered to your Valentine’s door. Pictured is the gourmet ice cream maker’s Top Sellers pint collection ($48), which includes Salty Caramel, Brambleberry Crisp, Dark Chocolate and Brown Butter Almond Brittle.

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Geeky specs

Frame your Valentine’s bed with a pair of eyeglass pillowcases ($32 via Uncommon Goods). You can interpret the printed design – nerdy, artsy, genius, quirky, optical – however you like.

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Remember your Valentine with an animal that’s known for its outstanding memory. The Origami Elephant ($19.07 via Shapeways shop N-cora) is a 3-D printed pendant made from nylon plastic with a smooth finish.

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Retro radio

Recreate a retro vibe with the Radio Dock, designed by Jonas Damon and available from Areaware ($40). Made of beech wood and bass, the dock uses your iPhone’s speakers and electronics. You can download Areaware’s public radio app, which finds up to seven public radio stations within a 50-mile radius.

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Drinking by numbers

In a mathematical mood? Pour some digits with Math Glasses that use mathematical constants to express ounce measurements – such as Pi, at the 3.14 ounce mark ($38 for a set of four glasses via Uncommon Goods). Each Old Fashioned glass also includes an expanded formula.

valentines geeky 2015 11

Going mobile

Ponder the physics or simply enjoy the poetry of Frazier + Wing’s die-cut paper mobiles. The Lucky Mobile ($100) is the perfect hue for Valentine’s Day. Also pictured is the Ombre Mobile Blue ($100).

valentines geeky 2015 12

Organic inspiration

Inspired by vein structures, the Rhizome cuff ($75.03) is part of the Hyphae collection of 3D-printed jewelry from Nervous System, a Shapeways shop. The designers have a knack for interpreting patterns found in nature to create stunning jewelry.

valentines geeky 2015 13

Classic illumination

A nod to Thomas Edison, the Ion table lamp from Schoolhouse Electric comes with a glazed porcelain base in white or black ($99) or in a colorful painted version – dubbed the Ion C-Series ($119). The Ion’s handcrafted materials are custom built in Schoolhouse Electric’s Portland, Ore., factory.

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Pixilated textiles

Keep your Valentine cozy with the Barcelona 1 Bitmap Blanket ($395 via A+R). The creator is Spanish artist and designer Cristian Zuzunaga, whose collection of digitally patterned wool blankets depicts some of his favorite cities.

valentines geeky 2015 15

DIY steampunk

The Kinetic Nautilus Gear Kit ($25 via Etsys shop SteamyTech) requires a little effort – which makes it more special (or you can let your Valentine do the building). The DIY kit comes with the wood and hardware to build a nautilus; you supply the glue and paint.

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Encased in romance

The Lotus iphone case from Designs by Genghis ($24 via Shapeways) shows the intricate patterns that can be created with 3D printing. The woven pattern, based on Indian mandalas, is delicate and functional.

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Must have chocolate

No Valentine’s Day gift roundup is complete without chocolate. For a daily dose, try TCHO-A-Day dark chocolates, available in 30-, 60- and 90-day supplies ($19.95+). It’s not a particularly techie Valentine, but the company does say that “TCHO is where Silicon Valley start-up meets San Francisco food culture.”

valentines geeky 2015 18

Time served

Perfect for a quirky Valentine: the Spoon Clock from Umbra Shift ($60 via A+R). The tableware-inspired timepiece has a clock on one side and mirror on the other. It’s meant to sit in a pencil cup, for instance, or hang from the wall, and it comes in three finishes. The designer is Albert Lee, a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

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The final frontier

Sometimes a silly, inexpensive gift is best. When you’re far away, the Spaceman USB Light ($20 via MoMA Store) can remind your Valentine that you’re out there somewhere. The light plugs into a USB port, and the spaceman’s visor flips up to turn on the LED light.

valentines geeky 2015 20

Recharge with color

If you’re tired of plain black and white cables, set your Valentine’s gear apart from the pack with a burst of color. Woven Collective Cables from Eastern Collective ($25.95+) are cheerful and vibrant. Eastern Collective is based in Burlington, Vt.

valentines geeky 2015 21

Recycled rocker

The Endless Flow Rocking Chair (via MoMA Store) brings 3D printing to the living room. Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij uses a computer-controlled robotic arm to pour a seamless stream of recycled plastic to form the seat, according to MoMA. At $2,200, it’s more than a splurge -- but it is striking.

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Give the world

If you rest the Geofrafia Design Globe on a desk, the globe sits at 23.4 degrees, the exact tilt of the Earth's axis. Designed by Drill Design, the globe ($59 via Japan Trend Shop) shows the interior structure of the Earth on the inside, and the outer layer uses 3D printing to render the depth of the oceans and the structure of the continents.

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Welcome distraction

Add some life to your Valentine’s desk with the Helicone Desktop Toy ($75 via MoMA Store), designed by John Edmark. If you twist the thin brass tube, the laser-cut wood pieces swirl and settle into shapes that range from a helix to a pine comb. Fun math fact: the Helicon's structure is based on the same systems as the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Angle.

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What’s cooking?

Who says it’s no fun watching water boil? With the Glass Pot ($200 via MoMA Store), you can see what happens to food as it’s being cooked. The designer is Massimo Castagna. Note: glass cookware requires some special care (see product page).

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Tabletop art

Simple and elegant, the Orée Pebble wireless charging pad ($126+) is made from a single block of walnut, tilia, or marble. Pebble 1 is a wireless charger. Pebble 2 adds a Bluetooth speaker that broadcasts in every direction. The Pebble 2 also includes a microphone for voice calls.

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Running in circles

Designed by Dutch collective de Namen, the Archiring necklace ($79.90 via Shapeways) is all about circles. The 3D-printed design is fun, graphic and easy to wear.