11 Geeky Street Signs: Finding Your Way to Nerdvana

Won't you take me to that geeky town?

Start sign


Robert Frost waxed poetic about the road not taken. But he probably never found himself bumping along down Legacy Parkway or trying to decipher directions to Leet Street -- or really in any of the other geeky places featured in these pages.

As it turns out, the road to nerdvana is paved with, well, pavement. And these signs will help you navigate to some of the geekiest places on earth.

Legacy Parkway

Legacy Parkway

Legacy parkway, one might imagine, is exceedingly bumpy and too narrow for today's vehicles, but it will get you where you want to go.

Where you'll find it: West Bountiful, Utah

Geeks who may gather here: COBOL programmers and anyone who says "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Borg sign


To drive past is futile.

Where you'll find it: Germany

Geeks who may gather here: Star Trek fans and those who have already been assimilated.

Leet Street

Leet Street

This elite street is not for n00bs.

Where you'll find it:  Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand

Geeks who may gather here: Gamers, hackers, anyone who wants to subvert internet censorship

Silk Road

Silk Road

Silk Road is a dark and dangerous path to, well, jail — at least for Ross Ulbricht, who was found guilty of narcotics conspiracy, engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise, conspiracy to commit computer hacking and money laundering for his work on the Silk Road website.

Where you'll find it: Bennington, Vermont

Geeks who may gather here: Would-be online drug kingpins and other purveyors of illicit goods one might find in an underground market.

placa del pi

Placa del Pi

A square bearing the name of the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. It's all so, so geometric.

Where you'll find it: Barcelona, Spain

Geeks who may gather here: Mathematicians, fans of Antoni Gaudi

mit meadow

MIT Meadow

Where smart geeks frolic.

Where you'll find it: Budock Water, England

Geeks who may gather here: Probably not students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, although it's fun to think they would

Alta Vista St

Alta Vista Street

Don't try to find this street on Google Maps.

Where you'll find it: Brooksville, Florida

Geeks who may gather here: Yahoo! employees, anyone nostalgic for the 1990s

Lotus Pond

Lotus Pond

You can get here via Legacy Pkwy. or you can search for directions on Alta Vista St.

Where you'll find it: Bangalore, India

Geeks who may gather here: Disciples of Ray Ozzie



All passenger requests will be made in the background without disrupting your ride.

Where you'll find it: Louisiana

Geeks who may gather here: Web developers

There and Back Again Lane

There and Back Again Lane

Bilbo's epic journey took him far from the Shire. Will yours take you here?

Where you'll find it: Bristol, United Kingdom

Geeks who may gather here: Hobbits, wizards, elves, other Tolkien fans



Just when you think you know where you're going.

Where you'll find it: Nevada

Geeks who may gather here: Everyone at one time or another



Nothing geeky to see here, but isn't it comforting to know that paradise is 4 miles closer than panic?

Where you'll find it: Pennsylvania

Have you seen any geeky signs in your travels? Share them with us in the comments.