Born in the NSA - Spook Spin-out Sqrrl Now Offers 'Out of the Box' Security

Two and a half years after being founded by a clutch former NSA and White House insiders, US big data security startup Sqrrl has released a fully-fledged version of its signature business product, Sqrrl Enterprise.

Not many startups use the NSA as a bullet point on their CVs and but Sqrrl's founders obviously believe that the association is a good foot in a market that is pretty full up with new security stories.

Enterprise 2.0, as it is being called, is partly based on the NSA's Apache Accumulo data mining system, a connection that has given rise to jokes about Sqrrl being a sort of 'PRISM for business'.

The ambition was always to build an analytics system for spotting data breaches and cyber-surveillance attacks using data fed in from almost any source.

The key development with 2.0 is that Enterprise is now an 'out of the box' system that can be used by anyone and not only developers using it as a NoSQL back end for their own applications.

This is no longer as unusual a pitch as it was two years ago but the big data credentials from Accumulo still give it a credibility not all analytics systems can boast of.

"Our heritage is about putting Big Data technologies to work against hard, intractable problems," said Sqrrl CEO Mark Terenzoni.

"With the Sqrrl 2.0 launch we are focusing these capabilities on the challenges posed by the cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities that nearly every organisation faces today."

Coinciding with the launch, the firm has also secured $7 million (£4.5 million) of Series B financing from Rally Ventures with existing funders Atlas Venture and Matrix Partners taking part.

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