LG's New Flagship Phone Will be Even More Polished Than G Series, Says Mobile Head

It's also going to put its own chipsets in future versions of some of its smartphones.

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LG is planning a high-end phone that outshines its flagship G series in design and polish. 

Korea Herald report says Cho Jun-ho, the head of LG's mobile business, told reporters at Mobile World Congress the company is planning "a product that stands above the G Series" for launch in the second half of 2015.

Cho didn't offer other details beyond that. The G3 is already a pretty solid device, with a 5.5-inch screen and 2560x1440 resolution. That's the same screen size as the iPhone 6 Plus, but it's much easier to hold thanks to its smaller bezel.

The G4 is expected next month, with some type of "mixed metal" body, the report says.

With Samsung going all metal and the HTC One M9 sticking close to its high-end playbook, LG may think its needs a bigger bang to attract those hungry for the best phone they can get their hands on.

Part of this strategy may include using its own chipset for more control over the entire engineering and manufacturing process. According to The Korea Times, LG is going to "gradually" start adding its own processors into its phones.

It's not clear if the G4 or the mystery flagship would include Qualcomm chips or LG's own. It's not good news for Qualcomm, which already lost out when Samsung went with its own chips in the GS6, reportedly becausethe latest Snapdragon 810 overheated in testing.

Why this matters: We've seen what Samsung and HTC have to offer with their phone announcements from Mobile World Congress, so now it's LG's turn. Our LG G3 review found it to be a solid device, so it's intriguing to hear the company wants to significantly step up its design and build quality. We're not far off from a G4 unveiling, and we'll keep looking for clues to what this next flagship may look like.

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