Happy Pi Day! MIT to break admissions news at exactly 3/14/15/9:26

Pi Day MIT
Credit: MIT

Drone-delivered acceptance letters from MIT? Those might still be a little ways off


How disappointing it would have been if MIT hadn't come up with a clever way to recognize this most special of Pi Days:  3/14/15/9:26:53... or 3.141592653 for you purists.

But fear not. The renowned Cambridge university will make Regular Action admissions decisions available online on Saturday, March 14, 2015, beginning at 9:26AM EST. (Let's hope it goes more smoothly than things recently went for Carnegie Mellon University on the admissions front.)

The drone-delivered MIT acceptance letters in this video might be just a tad of a stretch, but maybe not once the class of 2019 gets through with the school!

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