A few technology predictions

We’re three years away from big changes in the world of technology and IT. Here are some thoughts on what will happen before then.

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I am told that Midwesterners have what they call “patio season.” This is a lovely though brief period that arrives pre-football, pre-fall and pre-school.

I think we are in technology’s patio season; we are definitely pre-something. From the perspective of 30 years out, we are pre-singularity — that moment when machine intelligence exceeds human intelligence and control. Tightening our predictive lens and looking just three years out, most organizations now find themselves in what I call the “Pre-DD Interregnum.” “DD” stands for “digital delivered,” and it refers to that moment in time when all the technology around us actually works and/or is recognized as not working. In other words, IT — all IT, both enterprise and consumer — has three years to get its act together. 

Its work is cut out for it. Listen carefully and you will pick up a general grumble of dissatisfaction with the overall experience of using technology.Don’t let hyperbolic CES press releases, a constant stream of CIO awards programs and impressive technology IPOs and startup valuations lull you into thinking otherwise.  

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