Hottest products at Interop 2015

Interop 2015 features products from networking, cloud, virtualization and security vendors.

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Interop 2015

Interop 2015 is in full swing this year with an estimated 12,000 attendees and 300 exhibitors, including 125 new ones compared to last year. Check out our roundup of the hottest products and services being announced or displayed at this year’s conference. 

042815 apc
Mobile Power Packs

Key features: Mobile power packs, including 3000, 5000 and 10000mAh models, keep USB mobile devices like smartphones and tablets charged on-the-go, so you can stay connected wherever life takes you. More info.

042815 sensaphone

Key features: Sentinel monitors data centers 24/7, surveys 12 status conditions and sends alerts via phone, text or email. Cloud-based logging provides unlimited storage and protects against data loss. More info.

042815 liquidplanner
LiquidPlanner Dashboards

Key features: Our new Dashboards feature is an easy and powerful way to share important project information with team members and stakeholders—inside and outside your company. More info.

042815 paessler
PRTG Network Monitor

Pricing: free for 100 sensor license, starts at $1600 for 500 sensors and increases with scale

Key features: PRTG Network Monitor includes new sensors to monitor the loading time of web servers worldwide and the ping time to any device, in any location. More info.

042815 xcom
XCom Global World Wi-Fi Hotspot Rental

Key features - Expanded LTE coverage in Asia-Pacific. In addition to Japan and South Korea, XCom Global is now offering secure, reliable super-fast LTE Internet connections in Thailand, Taiwan, China and Australia. More info.

042815 cradlepoint
ARC CBA850 Cellular Broadband Adapter with Out-of-Band Management

Key features: Cradlepoint ensures critical network uptime by combining secure cloud access with 4G LTE networking, failover and unique Out-of-Band Management capabilities without the traditional need for costly static IPs. More info.

042815 centurylink
CenturyLink Orchestrate

Key features: Orchestrate is a fully managed database service for rapid application development. The service allows developers to easily manage, search & manipulate data from multiple, disparate databases through a single GUI. More info.

042815 revolabs
FLX UC 1000 IP & USB Conference Phone

Key features: One Phone for All: Supports USB audio for softphone calls and SIP telephony for all market-leading IP PBXs. Features HD audio quality for call bridging between VoIP and USB calls. More info.

042815 jolata
Jolata TruFlow Platform

Key features: Jolata’s TruFlow Platform is a software-based network analytics solution that identifies latency and other hard-to-find problems in physical and virtual networks to see precisely how a network is performing – with microsecond precision and in real-time. More info.

042815 avaya ona
Open Networking Adapter

Key features: provides instant network identity to any device with an Ethernet port including medical devices, manufacturing equipment, kiosks, and branch offices. The pocket-sized appliance leverages commercial, off the shelf processing with an Open Virtual Switch (OVS), Avaya extensions and SDN Control to extend the power and flexibility of SDN to any Ethernet-enabled device or location. More info.

042815 avaya ers
Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 5900 Series

Key features: Premium Stackable Chassis system providing high-performance, convergence-ready, resilient and secure Ethernet switching connectivity. Supporting Avaya’s innovative Fabric technology, it delivers virtual fabric services to the network edge /wiring closet environment. More info.

042815 qualisys

Key features: CloudShell is a cloud automation platform that features:

Visual modeling of complete infrastructure environments

Resource management of physical, virtual and public cloud elements

Visual orchestration workflow authoring

More info.

042815 adrem
NetCrunch 8.6

Key features:  NetCrunch 8.6 features a brand-new GUI, cloud-monitoring capabilities, dynamic widgets for real-time monitoring, and over 400 other changes. More info.

042815 allot
Allot Cloud Access Optimization

Key features: Allot Cloud Access Optimization, with support for Microsoft Office 365, enables enterprises and cloud managed service providers to enhance cloud application visibility, control and security to ensure high user QoE and productivity. More info.

Cloud Workspace Suite Version 4.1

Key features: Cloud Workspace Suite v4.1 is integrated workspace automation software featuring centralized multi-datacenter administration, automated workflow and delivery of Microsoft RemoteApp services, configuration, and deployment. More info.

042815 tonomi
Tonomi autonomic application delivery and management platform

Key features: Tonomi provides autonomic application delivery and management platform for cloud applications. Tonomi enables applications to become adaptive, self-managed services that will configure, heal, optimize and protect themselves in response to changes within dynamic cloud environments. More info.

042815 cloudvelox
One Hybrid Cloud software platform

Key features: CloudVelox delivers an automated cloud DR and migration platform specifically developed for the unique operating demands of existing, multi-tier apps migrating to the AWS cloud and disaster recovery in AWS. More info.

042815 redbooth
Redbooth Analytics

Key features: collects and visualizes collaboration data – including ownership, overdue tasks, completion potential, and active work – giving managers and teams transparency about efficiency and productivity across tasks, projects and groups. More info.

042815 cavium
LiquidSecurity Hardware Security Module (HSM) Family

Key features -- The LiquidSecurity HSM family complete Hardware Based Transaction Security Solution provides a FIPS 140-2 level 2 and 3 partitioned, centralized and elastic key management solution with the highest transaction/sec performance. More info.

042815 extrahop

Key features: ExtraHop’s EH6100v virtual appliance delivers real-time wire data analysis up to a sustained 10Gbps for AWS cloud and VMware environments, providing enterprises the capacity to monitor cloud-based workloads at scale. More info.