The five biggest Apple Watch myths and lies

The nattering nabobs of negativity need to stop lying and spreading myths about the Apple Watch

Whenever Apple releases a new product category the Internet is flooded with snarky, negative comments that imply that the product is a failure. We saw it with the first iPhone and also the iPad. And, of course, you just knew the nattering nabobs of negativity where going to lash out against the Apple Watch and they have...with gusto!

But I have an Apple Watch, it came four days ago via UPS. And I'm here to tell you that you should tune out the Negative Neds and Negative Nellies when it comes to the Apple Watch. Some of them simply don't know what they're talking about, while others have a stick up their rear ends simply because the Apple Watch is made by Apple.

So without further ado here are five of the biggest myths and lies being pushed by the Apple Watch naysayers, and I'll tell you why these people are dead wrong about all of them.

1. You don't need an Apple Watch

Well duh! When we start talking about human "needs" we can basically break it down into the following things: Food, shelter, clothing, companionship, and love. Those are the things we truly need in our lives. Most everything else is less of a need and more a reflection of our desires or the current state of the development of human societies.

Did anybody "need" a smartphone? What about a laptop? Or a desktop computer? Or a television? Or a car? Or any of the zillions of devices and technologies we use each day to help have a richer and better life? The answer is no, all of these things are luxuries that we've been able to create for ourselves that often simplify tasks or otherwise add value to our lives.

The Apple Watch is an entirely new technology that adds significant value in its own way. And the folks that buy it will discover this for themselves, and each of them will find that value in different ways as they integrate it into their daily lives. Just like they've all done with other technologies in the past.

So please don't buy into the "you don't need it" line that the naysayers are pushing. Once you own an Apple Watch and start using it, you may find that it adds enough value to your life that you'd miss it if you didn't have it on your wrist.

2. The Apple Watch is too expensive

Ugh. Where do I start with this stupid idea? The real financial cost of something varies from person to person. Some people have quite a lot of disposable income, while others simply do not. There is no one size fits all when it comes to deciding if something is expensive or not. It always varies depending on the individual.

Apple has gone out of its way to offer three different options for the Apple Watch: Sport, Watch and Edition. The first category brings the cost of the Apple Watch all the way down to $350, and that's a bargain for what the watch can actually do. The Sport model opens the Apple Watch up to the aspirations of many, many people given its lower price.The Watch model is obviously more money, but it too is affordable for many people. The only model that will be out of the price range of a lot of people is the gold Edition watch. And that's fine as there are folks out there who can afford it, and more power to them if they want to buy it.

But when we decide if something is "expensive" we also need to figure out what value it brings to our lives. Right now we are still at an early stage of the Apple Watch's software development, we haven't seen its full capabilities. But it can already do an amazing number of things for those who own it. And the value of those things makes the financial cost of the Apple Watch well worth it, regardless of which model you buy.

3. The Apple Watch is hard to learn how to use

I've seen the claim that the Apple Watch is "harder to learn to use than the iPhone" numerous times in articles and comments posted online. This one is a huge crock of BS, and it really irritates me each time I see it. It has probably made some people jittery about getting an Apple Watch, and that is truly unfortunate.

The Apple Watch is not some mysterious thing that is beyond the reach of folks who haven't used one. It's actually quite easy to learn how to use, but the paradigm is slightly different than using an iPhone or an iPad. But once you start using it, you will find that it's quite easy and fast to do everything you need to do on an Apple Watch.

If you're one of the folks who is totally new to the Apple Watch, or who has it in their head that it's "hard to learn" then go watch Apple's Guided Tour Videos for the Apple Watch. It's all there for you, and each video is quick and fun to watch.

You might also want to check out the Apple Watch User Guide. It's another helpful resource that will make using the Apple Watch a breeze. You can easily delve into the features of the Apple Watch, and I think you'll find it's not nearly as hard to learn as some have said.

In the very short time I've owned an Apple Watch, I've had no trouble using it. As with any new paradigm, you just need to understand that you do things differently than you do on other devices. It's not harder than when you first picked up an iPad or an iPhone after using a desktop or laptop computer for many years.

4. The Apple Watch battery doesn't last long enough

Negative comments about the Apple Watch's battery are another load of hooey. When I first got my watch it had about 65% charge left on it. The first day I was constantly using it, playing with this feature or that feature. And my battery life was quite good, the Apple Watch battery didn't drain down fast at all. I had plenty of battery life left as I went through that first day.

I can easily see myself finishing a regular day with the Apple Watch with 30 to 40 percent of the watch's battery life left. And that's pretty darn good when you consider the tiny size of the Apple Watch battery.

But there's another battery-related complaint that some have made about the Apple Watch, and that's the need to charge it at night. Well, the way I see it most people aren't going to sleep with their Apple Watch. So they have to take it off and put it somewhere, right? The Apple Watch charger is magnetic, so all you have to do to charge the watch is put it against the charger and that's it. It takes two seconds to do that and since you'll be taking it off anyway, and you have to lay it down somewhere, why not just stick it on the charger?

Let's say though that you do want to sleep with the Apple Watch on. Fine, no problem. Go ahead and do so. When you get up in the morning and you need to shower or whatever, you can just lay it on the charger and it will juice up pretty quickly. I got my battery up about 20% or so in the time it took me to grab a shower. So it's not like it will take eight hours to fully charge the Apple Watch.

Anyway, the gist of this is that the complaints and negative comments about the battery or the need to charge it are quite spurious indeed. The Apple Watch's battery is plenty good for the average person's daily use, and most people will probably be left with a significant surplus of power at the end of each day.

5. The Apple Watch is slow

Some folks have said that the Apple Watch is slow, or that apps on the watch are slow. Neither contention is correct in any way whatsoever, the Apple Watch is a very speedy device but its important to remember that we're at a very early stage in the software development of the Apple Watch. The software of the watch will be optimized in future versions.

As far as the watch itself goes, I've seen no slowness whatsoever when using it. Apple's apps are very fast and there's no hesitation or other indication of bad performance. Everything appears on the screen quickly, and whatever I'm trying to do happens right away.

But third party apps are a different kettle of fish. Right now native third party apps are not allowed on the Apple Watch. So the watch has to pull data off of your iPhone for third party apps. This is probably what has caused some to think that the watch is slow and it's very unfortunate that this perception is out there.

Apple will eventually fix this by allowing native third party applications on the Apple Watch. They've already said that developers will be able to release native third party apps later this year. So it's just a matter of time until third party app performance is on par with Apple's fast native apps for the Apple Watch.

Tune out the Apple Watch critics and make up your own mind

The bottom line in all of this is that you should not believe the naysayers when they bash the Apple Watch. Take all of their comments with a gigantic grain of salt, and then take matters into your own hands. Head out to your local Apple Store and try using the Apple Watch yourself.

There's really no better way to understand what the Apple Watch can do, how it performs and whether or not you should get one. Once you do that you might find yourself rolling your eyes the next time you hear a critic carping about the Apple Watch.

I'll leave you with this funny video that shows how two Apple Watch naysayers found functionality in the watch that made them become true believers. Enjoy.

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