Apple Watch: Disable Activate On Wrist Raise

How to turn off the Activate On Wrist Raise feature to conserve the battery power of your Apple Watch

One of the neat things about the Apple Watch is how you can just raise your wrist to see the time or use one of its other functions. But this feature - which is called Activate On Wrist Raise - might also be eating up the power of your Apple Watch's battery.

In this tip I'll show you how to disable Activate On Wrist Raise so you can conserve battery power on your Apple Watch.

How does Activate On Wrist Raise use up battery power on the Apple Watch? Well, the problem is that as good as the feature is, sometimes it comes on even when you don't deliberately raise your Apple Watch to use it.

If move your wrist around while doing something, the watch doesn't necessarily know that and will sometimes come on anyway. Over the course of the day this can result in your Apple Watch turning on numerous times when you didn't want to use it.

How to disable Activate On Wrist Raise

It's easy and fast to turn off Activate On Wrist Raise, just follow these simple steps:

1. Tap on Settings on your Apple Watch.

2. Tap on General.

3. Tap on Activate On Wrist Raise.

4. Toggle the Wrist Raise switch to the off position.

disable activate on wrist raise apple watch

Now when you want to use your Apple Watch, you can just tap the screen to get it to come on. This can make a big difference in how much battery power your Apple Watch uses each day. And tapping the screen doesn't require much effort on the part of the user, so it's not at all inconvenient.

How much battery power will you save with Activate On Wrist Raise off?

I decided to test the effectiveness of disabling Activate On Wrist Raise on my own 38mm Stainless Steel Classic Buckle watch. The first day I used it with Activate On Wrist Raise on and finished the day with 25% of the battery left. The second day I turned Activate On Wrist Raise off and finished the day with 40% of the battery power still available. So I used 15% less of the battery power of my Apple Watch with Activate On Wrist Raise turned off.

So there can be a significant difference in terms of how much battery power your Apple Watch will use if you disable Activate On Wrist Raise. However, as you can see from the results of the first day, I still had plenty of battery power left at the end of the day even with it on.

Your mileage may vary as far as how much battery power you save. Redditors recently discussed the pros and cons of turning off the Activate On Wrist Raise feature:

NorthernPenguin: "92% left after 6 hours use. Just because I turned off Activate on Wrist Raise."

BrandonRawks: "I think I must have a particularly good battery. I'm at 91% after 6.5 hours and have used it quite a bit. Probably about the same as what you've mentioned. But I still have Activate on Wrist Raise turned on. I've been ending most 18+ hour days with 40% or more left. I've never seen it go below 35% when putting it on the charger when I go to bed. It's a 42mm in case anyone is wondering."

RangerXML: "Seeing the watch activate when I type or sit on my easy chair, its easy to see this waste battery, but it kills a lot of the convenience of the feature and I mostly end my day with between about 40-60% battery anyways."

ZTJ: "...if you do this, you also lose the feature where it turns off automatically when you put your arm back down. If you use the watch regularly, you'll end up using MORE battery power. I suspect as you get used to the watch and stop shoving it in your face twenty times more than a regular user would (regular as in, not someone who just barely got a new toy) you'll end up using more power in this mode than with activate on raise enabled.

I am at 18 hours, 22 minutes right now, with all normal features enabled, had a 50 minutes workout today, and have 37% power on a 38mm watch. I use the watch regularly, plenty of notifications, alarms, and even app use at various times throughout the day.

I do not think there is any benefit to a normal user to turn off features like this.

My_Normal_Account: "I've noticed while driving with one hand it turns the screen on a lot, same at my desk, and that definitely drains the battery a bit. But it's still very impressive and more than I would have ever imagined 6 months ago. I also think the wrist activation works wonders, you just have to kinda learn how it reads your rotation. I don't think about it anymore, but it works great."

More at Reddit

Ultimately you will have to decide for yourself whether or not it's worth it to disable Activate On Wrist Raise. For some people it might be a big help in conserving battery power on their Apple Watch, but for others it probably won't be worth losing the convenience of simply raising their wrist to use the Apple Watch.

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