Beyond SMAC: The new platform for digital business

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With the SMAC stack well established as the foundational set of technologies for next generation IT architectures, many are now asking what the next evolution of this platform will look like and how it will evolve to support and enable digital business in the years ahead.

As I discussed recently in “Preparing for the digital disruption that’s coming to your industry,” understanding the makeup of this new platform is vital for companies wishing to either create digital disruption in their industry or pro-actively respond to it.

When SMAC technologies first hit the scene several years back, they were broadly applicable and highly disruptive to enterprise IT. The next wave of disruptive technologies, some mature and some emerging, are now broadly applicable and highly disruptive to business models and processes.

So, from being a former “disruption” to enterprise IT, SMAC technologies are now becoming the essential building blocks of a new platform for digital business initiatives. This new platform for digital business is comprised of the familiar SMAC technologies, but adds in personas and context, intelligent automation, the Internet of Things and of course, cybersecurity. In addition, mobility is evolving and embracing wearable technologies, and the cloud is evolving and embracing broader concepts such as hybrid IT and software-defined data centers.

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