Jellyfish stings Apple Watch OS 1.0.1

Does the jellyfish load faster in Apple Watch OS 1.0.1?

Apple released the first software update for the Apple Watch yesterday, and many things were in it. But Apple Watch owners everywhere were wondering just one thing: Does the damn jellyfish in the Motion watch face load faster or not?

Now it might surprise you that such issue would be so important to Apple Watch owners. But the animated jellyfish in the Motion watch face was one of the coolest things about the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, it sometimes seemed to take forever to load when the Apple Watch was first released, and that undercut its coolness a bit.

And I'm not the only one who noticed since it came up quite often in various threads around the Internet when the Apple Watch was released. Many people tried to view the jellyfish on their Apple Watch and became frustrated because it took so long to load that the watch would shut off too soon to get a good view.

apple watch jellyfish animation

So is the jellyfish loading faster after the Apple Watch software update? I'll share my thoughts below, but here's a sampling of comments from jellyfish fans in the reaction thread on Reddit about the Apple Watch software update:

Pointblank87: "I just want the damn jellyfish to appear faster."

Txgb324: "Almost instantaneously now."

TheMrLoL: "It seems the flower and butterfly instantly appears, but the jellyfish still got some delay."

Pointblank87: "Ya, at first it was instant but now it slowed down again a little. I'm confused."

Mydixiewrecked05: "After the update my jellyfish appear almost instantly now."

Filmantopia: "I'm ready for this jelly. DAMN IT tried so hard not to say that."

Calmclear: "Sure then can give us 10,000 frame animation of a jellyfish but I can't have 1 frame of a photo of a loved one. Sigh…"

Xioo: "So happy I'm not the only one with this complaint! Haha it's literally the only reason I don't use that watchface."

Ratbastid: "The jellyfish seems snappier."

Adams4piece: "How long did this take before? I hadn't been using the animated faces but I just finished updating to 1.0.1 and am testing it now. It seems to start appearing in about .75sec maybe?"

Confucius_said: "Awe, the little jelly belly!"

More at Reddit

Read the rest of the thread for reactions by redditors to unimportant things like bug fixes, Siri's performance, fitness enhancements, third party app improvements and other lesser matters that pale in comparison to an animated jellyfish.

It must upset or at the very least amuse the heck out of Apple when they release an important update for the Apple Watch, and suddenly a lot of people are discussing the appearance speed of a jellyfish animation instead of all the other work that Apple did on the software update.

So is the jellyfish animation appearing faster or not?

I haven't been using the Motion watch face because of how slow the jellyfish loaded on my Apple Watch's screen. But I'm pleased to report that it is much faster after the software update. No, it's not instantaneous but it is almost instantaneous.

The butterfly and flower animations, on the other hand, seemed pretty much instantaneous for me. As soon as I raise my wrist, there they are! But it's too bad that I'm not really a flower or butterfly type of guy.

I find them to be a bit of a bore. Who wants to see flowers or butterflies when you can see something like a jellyfish instead? Some jellyfish are even dangerous and might sting you to death! That's way cooler than pretty flowers or garish butterflies.

The Apple Watch needs sharks, killer whales and crocodiles

I'd love it if Apple offered additional Motion watch face animations such as sharks, crocodiles, snakes, lions, bears and even killer whales. Any of those would probably be a lot more exciting and fun than the butterfly and flower animations.

Who wouldn't want to see a shark, crocodile or killer whale on their watch? Apple could even bundle a bunch of new animations into a "Dangerous Creatures" pack and sell it on the Apple Watch app store. I'd pay a few bucks for those animations, and I bet I'm not alone in that either.

Hopefully Apple will learn from the great jellyfish controversy and will add some new, cooler animations to the Motion watch face. And preferably ones that will all appear instantaneously or close to it when people use the Motion watch face. I definitely wouldn't want to see a repeat of the jellyfish screen loading problem.

Hey, when a lot of people are talking about an animation from just one watch face then you know it has resonated with Apple Watch owners. Many people probably want to see exciting and dangerous creatures appear on their Apple Watches. It's something that would definitely liven up checking the time and other information.

So let's hope Apple has been paying attention, and will release some awesome new animations for the Motion watch face in the next Apple Watch software update.

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