Apple Watch: Skip the battery complication

The battery complication is a distraction and waste of screen space

When a new Apple Watch owner starts using his or her watch, they usually make a very common mistake: they obsess over the battery life of their Apple Watch. This usually means that they use the battery complication in their favorite watch face. And they probably check it fairly often to see how much battery life is left in their Apple Watch.

But the battery complication on the Apple Watch is a waste of time and screen space. You really don't need it. Apple meant what it said when it touted the Apple Watch as an all-day device. And my own experience with the Apple Watch has proven that to me beyond any doubt.

Media brainwashing and the Apple Watch battery

When I first got my Apple Watch, I made sure that the battery complication was on the watch faces that I used. I just had to keep an eye on it, and I worried every time I noticed that the battery level had gone down on my watch. I had it in my head that the Apple Watch battery was going to be drained down quickly and that I had to monitor the battery life to avoid that.

I suspect that my obsessing over the battery life of the Apple Watch was related to the mention of it in so many reviews and articles online. Somewhere along the way, I'd internalized the idea that the Apple Watch battery wasn't going to cut it for an entire day and that I had to keep an eye on it to avoid using up the battery too quickly.

As someone who has been in the technology media for a long time, I really ought to have known better and taken all of the inane blather about the Apple Watch's battery life with a huge grain of salt. But since I hadn't used one yet, I think I unconsciously absorbed a lot of the presstitute chatter and it colored how I used my Apple Watch for the first week or so.

The Apple Watch battery complication is a distraction

This was very unfortunate because it distracted me from really focusing on what I could do with the Apple Watch. Instead of appreciating the features and utility value of the watch, I was worrying about how long the battery would last each day.

Fortunately, after about the first week or so, I realized that I was finishing the day with 30 - 60 percent of the battery left on my Apple Watch. And those numbers include using it for a cardio workout, text messaging, etc. So it turns out that the Apple Watch battery works exactly as Apple said it would.

So I got rid of the battery complication on my favorite watch faces such as Mickey and Modular. Instead of showing the battery complication, I now use the timer and other complications. And I've found that using my Apple Watch is much more pleasant, I no longer obsess about how much battery life is left on the watch.

I'm not the only Apple Watch owner who has realized that the battery complication is not necessary. A recent thread on the Apple Watch subreddit shows that others are also ditching the battery complication on their watches:

Thegreatescape56: "Is it just me or does anybody else think that having your battery % as a complication is pointless? From my experience, my battery lasts me an entire day without needing to charge as I'm sure is the case with many others. I just feel like that specific complication can be used for something more useful. If you need to check your battery, glances is the perfect place to do it.

Wheredidthelookgo: "Yeah, it was a good thing to have in the first days, but when we realized the battery lasts us a day without any problems, battery [complication] was quickly thrown out."

Reygza: "It is pointless. I usually end my day over 50%.

TheRocksta: "By not having it on my watch face it takes away the battery anxiety feeling. I don't worry about the battery reducing."

SomeRandomProducer: "I agree. I used to have it but have replaced it and I find myself not obsessing when it drops one percent since I end the day with a good amount anyway and drop it on the charger at home anyway."

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New Apple Watch owners: Skip the battery complication

If you've just gotten your Apple Watch or are waiting for one to be delivered, do yourself a favor: skip using the battery complication. I know that that is easier said than done when you first get an Apple Watch. You will no doubt be curious as to how the battery is performing, and you'll want to see the percentage left on the battery in a convenient way.

But remember that you can use the battery glance instead of the complication. This just means that you scroll up from the bottom of your Apple Watch to see Glances and then scroll left or right until the battery glance appears.

apple watch battery

The battery glance on the Apple Watch.

Trust me when I say that the battery glance is a much better option than the battery complication. The battery information is there if you need it, but it won't distract you the way that the battery complication will each time you raise your wrist and look at the watch face on your Apple Watch.

All of this just goes to show you that owning and actually using an Apple Watch every day is very different from the commentary contained in some reviews and articles about the watch. In other words, don't believe everything you might have read when it comes to the Apple Watch's battery.

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