SDN: The emerging reality

Change is still afoot in Software Defined Networking, but it is now at least clear that SDN is here to stay, that SDN will be the way we build networks going forward. In this Network World Spotlight special report, pulled together by the editors of Network World, we analyze key developments and gauge where organizations stand today in their SDN planning.

Inside you’ll find:

* Controller Market Consolidation. There are still many types controllers available, but the market is rallying around OpenDaylight and the Open Network Operating System.

* Crossroads for OpenFlow? Once conflated with SDN, OpenFlow progress seems to have stalled. Does OpenFlow still have a significant role to play?

* Survey results: Interest in SDN is real and growing, and this survey shows where and how companies might deploy the tech.

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This story, "SDN: The emerging reality" was originally published by Network World.

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