How to hide or block unwanted updates in Windows 10

Microsoft has made updates mandatory and automatic for Windows 10, but a new tool lets you hide updates you don't want installed

windows 10 updates

Windows 10 is officially launching this week, but there are features of the new operating system that concern many of us potential upgraders. Like being forced to install every update automatically. There's now a tool that gives you a little bit more control.

Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 offers limited control over updates, and most security updates and features will install automatically. Numerous automatic Windows Update fails demonstrate why this can be a huge issue for users, including, as Neowin reports, recent Windows 10 updates causing computers to crash.

Although you can't turn off or delay automatic updates entirely, a new tool from Microsoft will let you hide troublesome or unwanted updates or drivers that have been installed and prevent them from being installed again. 

It still requires a lot more effort to get around automatic updates, but I guess it's better than nothing.

[via ZDNet, Neowin]

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