Apple Watch: Make and receive phone calls

The Apple Watch makes it easy to make or take a call on your wrist

One of the great things about the Apple Watch is how it puts some of the power of the iPhone right on your wrist. And this includes the ability to make or receive phone calls. In this tip I'll show you how you can make or take calls via your Apple Watch.

How to make a phone call on your Apple Watch

There are three ways you can make a phone call on your Apple Watch: the Phone app, your Favorites list or via Siri. I'll show you how to make a call each way below.

How to make a call with Siri on your Apple Watch - Press the Digital crown and then say "call" and the name of your call recipient. Siri will automatically make the call for you without any further need for you to do anything.

apple watch phone calls

It's easy and quick to take a phone call right on your wrist with the Apple Watch.

How to make a call via your Favorites list on the Apple Watch - Push the side button below the Digital Crown on your Apple watch to bring up your Favorites list. Then turn the Digital Crown to select your call recipient and tap on their icon. Then just tap the phone icon on the bottom left of the recipient's screen and your Apple Watch will make the call.

How to make a call by using the Apple Watch Phone app - Tap on the Phone app on your Apple Watch home screen. Then tap on Contacts, then just tap on the name of your call recipient and your call will begin on your Apple Watch.

You really can't go wrong whichever way you decide to make a call on your Apple Watch. Siri is probably the quickest way to do it, with the least amount of work on your end. But either of the other ways works just fine too.

How to take a call on the Apple Watch

Receiving calls on the Apple Watch is quite easy. When a call comes in just tap on the green icon to accept or the red one to refuse the call.

You also have the option of answering with a message, or sending the call to your iPhone. The latter option is especially useful if you are in a place that is too loud for a speaker phone call on your Apple Watch, or if you need more privacy for a call.

Siri is my favorite way to make a call on my Apple Watch

So far I'm finding that Siri is my preferred way to make a call on my Apple Watch. Perhaps I'm just lazier than most people? I don't know, but I love being able to make Siri do all the work when I make a call.

The runner up for me is the Favorites list. I'll use that occasionally instead of Siri since the folks on my Favorites list are people that I tend to call often. Plus once I have the call recipient pulled up on my Apple Watch screen, I'll sometimes change my mind and just tap the message icon instead of the phone icon. Sometimes it's easier to send a message instead of actually making the phone call.

The Phone app on the Apple Watch is definitely the least used way to make a call for me. It's not that it's bad, but it seems like more work than either of the other two options, and why bother to use it unless I really need to?

All in all, the Apple Watch makes phone calls incredibly easy to make or take while I'm on the go. In some ways it has really spoiled me and I've found myself only using my iPhone in places where a speaker phone call on the Apple Watch wouldn't work well or would be inappropriate.

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