iOS 9: Use Picture in Picture on the iPad

Picture in Picture in iOS 9 lets you view a video in a small window on your iPad while you use another app at the same time

iOS 9 comes with some terrific new features, and one of them is Picture in Picture. This feature lets you view a video in a small resizable and movable window that runs on top of your home screen or any app that you have open.

Its a great way to watch a video while doing something else on your iPad. In this tip I'll show you how to use Picture in Picture on your iPad.

How to use Picture in Picture on your iPad

ios 9 picture in picture video window

Picture in Picture in iOS 9 lets you move video content to a resizable, movable window on your iPad.

To use Picture in Picture, just follow these simple instructions:

1. When running a video in Safari or another app, look for the Picture in Picture icon in the bottom right corner of the video player and tap it to view the video in a window.

2. After the video moves to a window, you can pinch inward or outward to make the video window larger or smaller.

3. You can also tap and hold to move the video to another place on your iPad's screen.

4. Just tap the Picture on Picture icon in the video window to put it back in its original place.

5. You can also tap the pause/play button in the video window, or tap the "X" button to close the video window completely.

ios 9 picture in picture video window home screen

Picture in Picture in iOS 9 even lets you view videos right on your iPad's home screen.

Picture on Picture is a great way to view a video on your iPad without being stuck doing just one thing. It lets you multitask while still viewing the content you enjoy in a video window that can be resized or moved wherever you want to put it.

If you play some other media while using Picture in Picture, the Picture in Picture video will pause automatically so you don't miss anything. And it works in reverse as well, if you play the Picture in Picture video then other media will pause while the video runs.

So far I've used Picture in Picture mostly in Safari, and also in Apple's own Videos app. But third party apps will be able to offer it as well if they use the standard iOS playback controls. We'll have to wait and see just how many third party apps will offer Picture in Picture, but Apple has certainly made it easy for developers to do so if they wish.

Why use Picture in Picture on your iPad?

I suspect that some folks might think Picture in Picture is a bit on the gimmicky side in terms of being an iOS 9 feature. When I first heard about it, I couldn't imagine really using it much since I still had the mindset of someone who was used to previous versions of iOS that lacked the multitasking capabilities of iOS 9.

But once you start using Picture in Picture on the iPad in iOS 9, you quickly come to realize how useful it really is when you want to watch a video without being stuck in one app. Picture in Picture lets me enjoy movies, TV shows, news videos, etc. without forcing me to choose between watching the video and doing other things on my iPad.

So I don't see Picture in Picture as gimmicky at all now, I think it's a feature that adds real value to iOS 9. And it has made using my iPad Air 2 that much more enjoyable since I know I can do more than one thing at a time while watching video content.

At this point I'd have a very tough time going back to an older version of iOS 9 that doesn't have Picture in Picture included as a feature. I can't imagine being stuck watching a video in an app and not being able to go do something else while the video plays.

Yes, Picture in Picture really is that good once you get used to using it.

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