IBM snaps up StrongLoop to add Node.js smarts to Bluemix

StrongLoop enriches IBM's support for Node, bolsters IoT initiative

Credit: Sergey Nivens

StrongLoop, a major participant in the Node.js ecosystem, has a new owner: IBM.

This isn't IBM trying to become a Node player by proxy; IBM is already a founding member of the Node.js Foundation. Rather, it's about IBM adding the enterprise-level expertise of a key force in Node to its existing cloud services and software.

StrongLoop has been one of the key outfits involved in Node's ongoing development, both as software and as a community. It's one of the original members of the Node Advisory Board, which supplied guidance for the Node project from its enterprise-level users and developers.

But it's the work that StrongLoop does with Node specifically that seems to have caught IBM's eye. StrongLoop is best known for enterprise-level Node development tools, especially those for building APIs. IBM has burned quite a bit of midnight oil making BlueMix into an API delivery, development, and management platform, and Node.js has in turn become a speedy and powerful way to create APIs.

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