Profiling an insider

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Insider threat

Sure there is always a disgruntled employee in the ranks, but you as a manager never jump to the immediate conclusion that this person is going to steal data from the company. But it does happen and recognizing the telltale signs will help stop the leakage before it is too late. Here are profiles of some of those employees.

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A mole

According to SpectorSoft, a mole will often have science and engineering skills, holds a position creating intellectual property, and has access to critical data, which they will attempt to pilfer.

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The disgruntled employee is out for revenge, seeking justice for real or imagined wrongs of the company. According to SpectorSoft, this employee is easier to detect than other malicious actors and the enterprise should isolate them before they sabotage, steal, breach, or defraud the organization.

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A hacktivist wrecks, subverts, and destroys systems and data belonging to high-profile organizations or governments in a publicly obvious fashion to make a social or political statement.

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A ringleader seeks financial gain by accessing information outside his purview so he can leave with more than he invested in the company to form another business or work for a competitor.

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An entitled employee

An entitled employee plans to walk out with their work product and compete with their former employer. Read the full story.