OS X El Capitan: Remove unwanted Google Chrome apps from Launchpad

How to delete unwanted Google Chrome apps from your Launchpad in OS X El Capitan

A while back I decided to install Google's Chrome browser on my Mac. For a long time I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until one day I opened Launchpad and found to my annoyance that Google had also installed the following Chrome apps: Google Drive, YouTube, Google Search and Gmail.

I was never asked if I wanted these apps installed in OS X El Capitan on my Mac. Google just installed them without my permission. And here's what really annoyed me: when I pressed down on an app icon to delete them from Launchpad, I couldn't do it! I couldn't remove Chrome or the other Google apps like I could with most other OS X apps. The icons wiggled but there was no "x" to click on to get rid of them.

So I hit DuckDuckGo and did a bit of searching. I found out a helpful discussion thread that showed me how to remove them and I've included that tip for you below.

unwanted google apps launchpad osx

When you install Chrome, you also get four Chrome apps that you may not have wanted. And you can't delete them in OS X's Launchpad.

How to remove Google's Chrome browser in OS X

Removing the Chrome browser itself is actually quite easy.

1. Go to your Applications folder.

2. Right-click on Chrome and send it to the trash.

But guess what? All the other Google apps are still on your Mac! Yes, getting rid of Chrome does not get rid of the unwanted apps that Google installed on your Mac when you installed the Chrome browser.

How to delete Google's other apps from OS X El Capitan's Launchpad

In order to get rid of Google Drive, YouTube, Google Search and Gmail, you have

chrome apps folder osx

To delete the unwanted Google Chrome apps, you need to go to your home folder, then click on Applications, and then right-click on the Chrome Apps folder to send them all to the trash.

to do the following:

1. Go to your user (home) folder.

2. Click on Applications.

3. Right-click on the Chrome Apps folder and send it to the trash.

4. Empty your trash and flush Google's crap away from your Mac once and for all.

And now you're finally free of the unwanted apps that Google installs when you add Chrome to your Mac. If you open Launchpad again you'll see that all of the apps are now gone.

What was Google thinking by installing unwanted apps on people's Macs?

I have no idea what Google was thinking when they decided it was a good idea to force unwanted Chrome apps on Mac users. If I'd wanted those apps I would have downloaded them for Chrome myself, I didn't need Google to do it for me.

And the fact that Chrome and its apps are not deletable in Launchpad is doubly annoying. It's a real deviance from how most OS X applications behave, and I doubt that I'm the only Mac user that has been seriously annoyed by this.

It just confirms for me that avoiding all of Google's apps is the right thing to do for my Mac. Goodness knows what other junk they'll be adding to Chrome in the future.

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