First look: AWS Mobile Hub fills the potholes

Developing mobile apps on the Amazon cloud is now significantly easier, at least for iOS and Android clients

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When I reviewed the Amazon Mobile SDK and competing products from Microsoft and Google in March, I said, “While the AWS Mobile SDK does what it sets out to do, developing with it is not for novices, JavaScript programmers, or the faint of heart.” I went on to conclude, “The AWS Mobile SDK might be a good choice for native app developers who already have a commitment to Amazon services. If you want an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use MBaaS, look elsewhere.”

Whether or not the AWS engineers heard my criticisms, they have addressed them in the new Amazon Mobile Hub, currently a beta-level service. Rather than fix items at the level of the basic services, Amazon chose to add an integration layer with (gasp!) a reasonably self-explanatory user interface.

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