iPad Pro: 16 gorgeous games

Get 16 games that look terrific on the iPad Pro's screen

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Apple's new iPad Pro is now available, and it's already proving to be a terrific experience for iOS gamers. The iPad Pro comes with a super-fast A9X processor and 4 GB of RAM. When you combine them with a fantastic 12.9-inch Retina screen you have an amazing gaming tablet that lets you see games in all their glory.

In this roundup I've compiled a list of sixteen gorgeous games that will let you have tons of fun playing on your iPad Pro [ Find it on Amazon *What’s this?* ]. These games really show off the power of the iPad Pro's hardware and show why it's such a powerful tablet.

Each of the games I've included contain snippets of their official descriptions in the app store. To read more or to get the game, just click or tap through to the app store. You can also read reviews by other users and see the star rating of the game on its app store page.

Some of the games I've included are free to play and offer in-app purchases. Others require an up-front purchase price. Where appropriate I have included the purchase price of the game in the link to the app store.

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