iPad Pro: 16 games with spectacular sound

Get 16 games that sound terrific on the iPad Pro's speakers

ipad pro speakers

Apple has finally released the iPad Pro, and one of the best things about it is that it has four speakers. The speakers have been machined directly into the iPad Pro's unibody enclosure, and this gives the speakers up to 61 percent more volume. This can result in a wider frequency range and up to 3 times more output than older iPads.

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The iPad Pro's speakers are also intelligent. They know when you have your iPad Pro in landscape or portrait view, and will adjust their sound accordingly regardless of which way you hold your device.

Audiophiles will really enjoy the difference in sound between the iPad Pro and earlier generations of the iPad. No other iPad has four, intelligent speakers that can output so much high quality sound.

But what good is such great audio hardware without awesome games that take advantage of it? In this roundup I've included 16 games that will make great use of the iPad Pro's speakers and sound system. Your ears will savor the sound while you play each of these games on your iPad Pro.

I've included a brief snippet from the official description, along with a screenshot and a link to the game in the app store. Click through to read user reviews and see star ratings for each game.

Note that some games are free to play and offer in-app purchases. Others require an up-front purchase price. Where appropriate I have integrated the purchase price into the link to the game in the app store.

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