5 reasons to buy the Apple TV 4

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The fourth generation Apple TV

The fourth generation Apple TV went on sale last month and I did a long review recently where I hash out all the pros and cons (though mostly pros).

If you are considering buying an Apple TV, here, in pictures, are 5 reasons why you should get one.

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1: It's gorgeous

Apple TV has a beautiful interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. The fluid animation makes the entire experience pleasant. You can customize the home screen and pin up to 5 apps that you frequently use on the Top Shelf. You can rearrange the order of apps just like you do on any iOS device. System settings give you much-needed control over the device. Installing apps is extremely easy (except the painful part of entering password and username).

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2: The remote

This is one of the best remotes I have ever used. The trackpad makes it easier to skim through apps. Rewinding and forwarding videos and music is bliss. There are no replaceable batteries to add bulk to the body. Instead, you use the Lightning cable to keep your remote charged. It pairs with the TV over bluetooth so there's no need to maintain a line of sight. That’s not all. It has IR built in so you can also configure it to be used with your TV or AV system. And last, but not least: it doubles as a decent game controller. Didn’t I say it was the best remote I ever used?

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3: Siri

Thanks to tvOS, which is a derivative of iOS, Siri and other iOS features have landed on Apple TV. Siri is available as a button on the Apple TV remote. Just hold the button and talk to Siri. You can do things like searching and playing a video. You can pause a video, rewind it, forward it, and you can also ask Siri to enable captions if you fail to hear what a character said. You can tell Siri to show movies or TV shows from your favorite actors. You can ask Siri to show Arnold Schwarzenegger comedies. Plus, you can also ask Siri about the weather, sports scores, and much more.

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4: tvOS

As I mentioned before, tvOS is a derivative of iOS, which means third party app developers can now make their apps and games available for the platform. It’s quite easy (I assume) for iOS developers to port their apps to Apple TV. There is already a decent lineup of apps for Apple TV. The good news for users is that all those apps that they bought for iPad and iPhone can be installed on Apple TV, without having to pay again. So once you buy an app you can run it on all of your iOS and tvOS devices.

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5: Games

Love Asphalt 8? Now you can play it on your gorgeous 55 inch TV screen with surround sound. Apple TV is definitely not Xbox or PlayStation; that’s not the market Apple competes in. But it’s a decent platform when it comes to mobile gaming. Apple TV Remote works as a decent game controller for many apps thanks to build in gyroscope and accelerometer but if you are serious you can also get a licenced game controller by third party vendors.