5 reasons you shouldn't buy the Apple TV 4

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Swapnil Bhartiya

Not for everyone

There are plenty of good reasons to buy an Apple TV 4. But as a user of all three digital media players (Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV), I can assure you that there are also several good reasons not to buy the Apple TV.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should not buy the Apple TV.

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1: Interface

Despite being gorgeous, the interface of Apple TV has it’s flaws. Most notably, it's a horrendous interface to enter text. Since it’s an app-based platform, you will need to enter username and password to log into services. You will often need to enter your iTunes password to buy content, and if you are using a complicated password, you are going to hate it. Since there is no iOS app or support for a keyboard there is no way around this problem.

In addition, the animation can be overwhelming at times and makes you skip through your apps while navigating.

apple tv games

2: Gaming

Apple TV is a decent mobile gaming device, but if you are thinking of using it as an Xbox or PlayStation alternative then you will be disappointed. Despite the $200 price tag, Apple TV is not for serious gaming.

The 64 bit A8 chip is not powerful enough to compete with Xbox or PlayStation. Games like Asphalt 8 were jittery on the device, but I am suspecting a software bug as it’s the same chip used in iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 4.

From the game selection point of view, there are great mobile games in the App Store but nothing powerful enough to appeal to a PC gamer.

apple tv android

3: Android users get second-class treatment

If you are an Android user the there is nothing for you on Apple TV. Since Google has not yet made their Google Play Music and Music available for the platform you will not be able to play your purchases from Google on the Apple TV. Then, since Apple doesn’t offer iTunes for Android, the content that you purchase from Apple won’t be available on your Android devices.

If you have already invested a lot in Google's ecosystem, either wait for Google Play apps to arrive on Apple TV or invest in Nexus Player.

apple tv 4k

4: No 4K

Apple used to be a champion of new technologies (of course, they are also known for digging the grave of old technologies like floppy drives and optical disk drives). They brought the ultra high definition display (a.k.a. retina) to tablets, phones and computers. They were the first to bring the USB Type C to computers. So it’s surprising to see Apple is not embracing 4K for Apple TV -- even while they are offering 4K and even 5K iMacs. If you have already invested in 4K monitors and TV sets then this device is already obsolete. Apple may bring 4K support with the next hardware upgrade, but that makes the shelf life of this Apple TV extremely short.

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5: No Amazon Prime

Amazon has decided not to support Apple TV as a platform for its Prime service. Instead of getting more customers to buy their content, Amazon wants more people to buy their hardware. So if you have a huge library of music and movies from Amazon, or if you want to access your Amazon Prime library, you are out of luck. You would be better off buying a device such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV that still supports Amazon Prime.