6 reasons to buy the iPad Pro

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It's gorgeous

The iPad Pro is Apple’s largest iPad yet and features one of the most gorgeous displays I have ever seen. When you bundle this size device and display with the latest iteration of iOS, you get a device that will appeal greatly to certain users.

Here are the top 6 reasons you should buy the iPad Pro.

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Swapnil Bhartiya (One-Time Use)

1: Bigger, lighter and thinner

The tablet is as big as a 13-inch Macbook Pro, which means there is more screen real estate for work. If you are a heavy user of documents and spreadsheets on a tablet the iPad Pro is a better choice than the iPad AIR. Those who want to use it for full time writing get a full-size keyboard for optimal productivity, without adding much bulk and weight: iPad Pro is actually a tad thinner than the iPhone 6S Plus and weighs only 279 grams more than the iPad AIR 2.

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2: Display

The iPad Pro is all about the display, which is second only to the iMac 5K, and, in fact, borrows technology from the iMac 5k. To increase the battery life, the display drops the refresh rate from 60Hz to 30Hz when it isn't playing any resource intensive content.

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3: Pencil

Pencil is one of the best things Apple ever created. I have used many styluses, and Pencil is the best input tool ever. What makes it so impressive is that there is almost no latency, through the experience will be different on those apps that are not optimized for it. Another impressive feat is ‘magical’ palm rejection. You can keep both your palms on the screen and draw; iPad Pro will ignore the palm impression while accepting inputs from your fingers. If you are an artist or illustrator, you are going to love the Pencil.

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4: Entertainment

Thanks to the new A9 processor and new display technologies, you will enjoy looking at high definition picture and movies. The 12.9-inch screen, when held at arm's length, offers an immersive movie experience. Apple is using 4 speakers in the device, which adds bass and more frequencies to the sound coming out it. It is a great device for playing movies and music.

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5: Gaming

The iPad Pro has the most powerful processor used in any iOS device, which, coupled with the gorgeous and faster screen, means gaming is fun. When I played Asphalt 8 on it, I felt as if I was driving the car. For an even better gaming experience, you can buy game controllers like SteelSeries Nimbus that will also work with your Apple TV.

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6: Multitasking

We are still far from desktop-grade multitasking, but thanks to the improvements made in iOS 9, Split View allows a user to work on two apps simultaneously. You can open a web browser, email app and a text editor to read while typing. This is very important for researchers, writers and students who often create notes while doing research.