SUSE’s Nils Brauckmann promoted to CEO

This promotion reflects the growth of SUSE and the important role it plays within Micro Focus.

Nils Brauckmann SUSE CEO
Swapnil Bhartiya

Micro Focus, the parent company of SUSE has promoted Nils Brauckmann, the GM and president of SUSE to the role of CEO of SUSE. He will also join the board of directors at Micro Focus.

SUSE has been registering impressive performance after becoming part of Micro Focus. In an earlier interview, Brauckmann told me that SUSE continues to do everything they were doing prior to the acquisition, but “the thing that has changed is that we have increased the expense budget; we have increased the investment into the SUSE business. Our business grew in billings by more than 25 percent. The investment in operational budget grew by more than 36 percent. So we are infusing more dollars into the business to make it more competitive."

The company is also investing heavily in hiring more people, “The 36 percent of net additional dollars we can spend, to a large degree, goes into people. No surprise there because what we do is very people intensive. We actually opened new positions so that at the end of fiscal year 2016 our staffing will be 26 percent larger than it has been before. We are bringing a lot of new people into the business.”

And all of these initiatives are coming from Micro Focus, as they see great value in SUSE. Micro Focus acquired SUSE in 2014 through the merger of the Attachmate Group. Brauckmann was VP Sales & Marketing EMEA at the Attachmate Group and became the GM and President of SUSE when SUSE was bought by the Attachmate  group in 2011. He has been heading SUSE ever since.

When I asked about Brauckmann's new role, Kevan Barney, SUSE's Senior Manager of Public Relations, told me that, "except for the additional responsibilities that come with being a member of the board of directors, Nils’ role within SUSE will not change. Nils continues to lead SUSE with his existing management team and execute on SUSE’s growth plan."

When asked about any other changes at SUSE, Barney said, that "there is no change to the SUSE business, goals or structure, nor any change to company structure in relation to Micro Focus. Micro Focus remains one company and SUSE is a brand and business within that company. This announcement signals the confidence the board of directors has in SUSE and its continued growth."

This is not a sudden change in direction for Micro Focus. Back in "April 2014, the board of Micro Focus announced the intention to transition back to the separate roles of Chairman and CEO over the following 12 to 24 months. Today’s board changes enable appropriate leadership and governance as the Group evolves its business to continue the delivery of significant returns to shareholders,." said Barney.

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