First Look: Firefox 43

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Firefox 43 is here

The latest version of Mozilla’s flagship browser is out, and it’s had some small but significant overhauls, chief among which is an update to a 64-bit version, catching up to the other major browsers. Have a look.

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Mozilla blog


There’s a host of advantages to a 64-bit browser, including substantially increased memory limits – meaning heavy-duty web apps like games can run more smoothly – enhanced security, and new developer features.

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Mozilla blog

Enhanced privacy mode

Improvements to Firefox’s tracking protection mean that it’s easier for users to have precise control over what information third parties are collecting about them when they use the browser’s private mode.

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.m4v video support

Firefox 43 tweaks the way the browser handles the .m4v video format, particularly when served up by custom media players. The errors encountered by some users ought to be things of the past.

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Anton FomkinFlickrCC BY 2.0

On-screen keyboards for Windows 8 users

Mobile devices running Windows 8 or better should now have the on-screen keyboard popping up when an input field is selected in Firefox 43.

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Some developer bits and pieces…

A host of tweaks and minor additions for developers are present in Firefox 43, including the ability to filter styles from property names under the rules view, stack traces for exceptions in the console, and a lot more.

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Mozilla blog

…as well as the usual security improvements

Firefox 43 fixes four critical, seven high-priority, three moderate and two low-priority security issues. The critical fixes were applied to a cross-site reading attack, privilege escalation in WebExtension APIs, a WebRTC use-after-free and “miscellaneous memory safety hazards.”