Is FaceTime's dial tone annoying?

Some FaceTime users loathe the app's irritating dial tone and want Apple to change it in future versions of iOS and OS X

FaceTime is an incredibly useful app in OS X and iOS. Many people use FaceTime video and audio calls to stay in touch with family and friends who live great distances from them. But as with anything, there's always room for improvement. And one thing about FaceTime that might need some improving is its dial tone.

A redditor recently started a thread about FaceTime's dial tone, and expressed his dissatisfaction with how it sounds, and his fellow Apple redditors chimed in with their thoughts in response.

Here's a sampling of comments from the thread:

Pedrofigueredo: ”Facetime is giving me anxiety everytime I place a call due to the extremely annoying dialing tone. Apple should change it. Is it only me who thinks this?”

CaptianShanks: ”The BWOOM when the call connects is so satisfying though.”

Leimy: ”I think it should be replaced with a very loud 9600 baud modem handshake sound.”

Woolhaladoobop: ”It's so shrill.”

198GTCS: ”I am not sure which ring tone I prefer less, FaceTime or Skype.”

Calculusishard: ”It's way too high pitched. It almost hurts my ears when I make a FaceTime call.”

Zampe: ”Is there anything people WONT complain about these days?”

Boondockcaesar: ”I see it as a positive thing. There's so little to actually complain about that the whiners are getting desperate.”

Lollylewaylow: ””

Ghostalmedia: ”Into the black hole!!!”

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Apple should let users customize FaceTime's dial tone

Frankly, I haven't really paid attention to FaceTime's dial tone, though I do use the app frequently on my Mac and iPhone. But it seems to me that Apple might want to simply let users customize how FaceTime sounds. Let each user choose a dial tone (among other things) that he or she wants to hear when they use FaceTime.


For example, it's very easy and fast to change how the ringer sounds on the iPhone. And you can even use custom ringtones as well. So it makes sense to me for Apple to offer a similar option for FaceTime users. After all FaceTime is one of Apple's best known and widely used apps in OS X and iOS, so why not upgrade its customization abilities?

Will Apple do this? It's hard to say since I doubt the company has gotten this sort of feedback about FaceTime from many people. As I noted earlier, it's not something that would have occurred to me to complain about, but your mileage may vary in that regard.

Perhaps if we're lucky, the next versions of iOS and OS X will offer some additional FaceTime customization options.

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