Physical security has many holes to be plugged

Delivering improved reliability through physical security represents the next frontier for continuous improvement.

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Cybersecurity makes all the headlines these days but there are plenty of predators looking to scam unsuspecting employees at the physical plant.

“I can get into any facility in less than five minutes with the right tools,” says Sean Ahrens, global practice leader at AON Global Risk Consulting. That’s sobering news for security professionals charged with protecting vital data centers and warehouses. Fortunately, sensitive facilities can improve by calling on the advice of AON and other specialized firms.

“There’s a movement away from unmanned data centers and similar critical facilities,” explains Ahrens. “Most security efforts focus on preventing digital attacks since those represent the majority of attacks. That means that physical security often becomes a failure point,” he added. The most common failures Ahrens sees happen are via operations and human mistakes.

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