JavaScript founder Brendan Eich: WebAssembly is a game-changer

In his speech at the O'Reilly Fluent conference, he also endorsed the Service Workers mobile app technology, WebGL, and Decorators for JavaScript

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When it comes to the Web's future, JavaScript creator Brendan Eich, remains bullish on WebAssembly but also gives a thumbs-up to Google's Service Worker technology.

Eich, speaking at the O'Reilly Fluent conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, called WebAssembly the most exciting development he has seen in the past year. The project boosts Web performance by providing a portable code format to run in browsers at native speeds. Major browser vendors Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla all are on board with the effort.

The technology, serving as a binary syntax, started with the asm.js subset of JavaScript. At some point, WebAssembly "becomes the safe native format for the Web," he said, adding that it will help bring the Web equal to native applications in performance.

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