What’s hot at the monster CeBit show?

cebit 2016 1
Credit: Reuters/Nigel Treblin
The coolest tech

It bills itself as the world's largest technology fair. The CeBit 2016 show which runs this week in Hanover, Germany indeed is large and most of the major players make an appearance there. Here we take a look at some of the coolest technologies being shown at the show.

cebit 2016 2
Credit: Reuters/Nigel Treblin
Hot Pepper

Softbank’s humanoid robot Pepper at the IBM exhibition. Pepper uses intelligence from IBM’s Watson to learn and perform a variety of functions.

cebit 2016 3
Credit: Reuters/Nigel Treblin
The Internet

A visualization of the Internet at the Telekom exhibition.

cebit 2016 4
Credit: Reuters/Nigel Treblin
Big bot

NOX the BIG robot.

cebit 2016 5
Credit: Reuters/Nigel Treblin
Drone code

An employee of Aibot shows a Multicopter X6, which can scan barcodes.

cebit 2016 6
Credit: Reuters/Nigel Treblin
Altered universe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann look at head-mounted display units at the Brother International exhibition.

cebit 2016 7
Credit: IDG News Service
Big Gig

Vodafone Germany plans to roll out a gigabit network to many of its customers in the coming years, it said at Cebit 2016 in Hanover, Germany

cebit 2016 8
Credit: IDG News Service
The cloud

Deutsche Telekom turned on its Open Telekom Cloud service at the Cebit trade show.

cebit 2016 9
Credit: IDG News Service

Digiwell managing director Patrick Kramer shows the syringe his company will use to implant NFC chips into visitors at Cebit.

cebit 2016 10
Credit: IDG News Service
Ouch still

Digiwell's NFC implant alongside the syringe used to inject it and a one-euro coin for scale.

cebit 2016 11
Credit: IDG News Service
Hand reader

Digiwell managing director Patrick Kramer reads his business card from an NFC chip implanted in his left hand, at the Cebit show.

cebit 2016 12
Credit: IDG News Service
3D has it

On its stand at the Cebit trade show in Hanover, Germany in March 2016 Hewlett Packard Enterprise built The Avatar Platform, which can create articulated, animatable models from a 3D scan of a person.

cebit 2016 13
Credit: IDG News Service

HP’s Avatar Platform can be used as a virtual changing room for online clothing sales.

cebit 2016 14
Credit: Reuters/Nigel Treblin
Pollution protection

A model wears an outfit designed to protect the wearer from polluted air.

cebit 2016 15
Credit: Reuters/Nigel Treblin
Your muscles or ours

A model presents Antelope.club muscle-activating wearables.

cebit 2016 16
Credit: Reuters/Nigel Treblin

A display of hexadecimal code

cebit 2016 17
Credit: Reuters/Nigel Treblin
Fast fashion

A model wears an outfit created with a 3D printing pen.

cebit 2016 18
Credit: Reuters/Nigel Treblin
Cool 3D

A 3D printer makes a model of Brandenburg Gate at the exhibition stand of iGo3D.

cebit 2016 19
Credit: Reuters/Nigel Treblin
Doodle pen

An employee of iGo3D shows goggles created with a 3Doodler printing pen.