Leading Automotive Supplier Drives for Success in the Cloud


Accuride Corporation, a leading supplier of wheels and wheel-end components to the North American commercial vehicle industry, is on a high-growth trajectory. Since 2011, Accuride has executed a “Fix & Grow” strategy, investing in their operations and making several process changes to catapult the company. Steel wheel capacity was consolidated and upgraded; aluminum wheel capacity was expanded, and lean operating systems were implemented. Achieving these “fix” goals enables Accuride to turn its attention to global expansion.

One element of this growth strategy is the implementation of a companywide ERP system. Paul Wright, CIO and VP of Information Technology at Accuride Corporation explains: “Because Accuride was built through acquisition, each of the different businesses brought together had its own way of doing things, and some of our brands were using older ERP systems that didn’t fit with our business vision. Data was disconnected from the reality of our plants, and we were spending more time gathering and interrogating data than we were making decisions with it.”

Accuride needed a system that would provide a single version of the truth with consistent data across all operations. They also needed real-time data to enable lean manufacturing and rapid decisionmaking from the plant floor to the top floor.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud provides all the processes Accuride needs, including supply chain management, production scheduling, shipping and quality and inventory management. Plex’s revenue-based licensing also facilitated Accuride’s growth plans, eliminating the scalability issues that typically come with per-user licensing.

Real-time Results

With Plex’s cloud ERP solution, Accuride experiences several key business benefits. Visibility across all business operations enables better and faster decision making among leaders in the organization. Project workflows are more efficient because the system can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any connected device. Accuride has also improved its customer relationships with an instant view into fulfillment status and job execution. Processes have become automated, and quality and traceability are drastically improved.

Wright explains, “Should there be a problem with a part, we can see where it went, retrieve it, understand which components were used in its manufacture, and then predict where other quality issues may arise before they happen. That kind of visibility turns quality management into a profit center.”

Want to learn more about Accuride’s cloud ERP journey? Access the “Accuride Successfully Executes Growth Strategy with Help from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud” paper.

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