Apple TV vs. Amazon's Fire TV: The gaming match-up

We put the set-top boxes up against each other on game selection, remotes, and more.

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When it comes to gadgets, Apple and Amazon tend to have very different audiences. Consider tablets, for example: Amazon’s entry-level Fire tablet is priced at a stunning $50, while Apple’s cheapest active iPad (2013’s iPad Mini 2) sells for $269. There’s a noticeable gap in quality between the two in many regards, but Amazon’s focus on cheap, usable tech contrasts sharply against Apple’s higher-end polish and performance.

The difference is less obvious when it comes to set-top boxes, however. Last fall’s overhauled Apple TV was a big leap for the device, adding apps and games along with the touchpad remote, but Amazon had already mined that territory with the first Fire TV. Right after the Apple TV was released, Amazon refreshed the Fire TV with added processing power, 4K resolution support, and other enhancements. And the price difference isn’t quite so dramatic. 

Game on? Game on! We’ve already put the Apple TV through its gaming paces, sharing our early impressions and highlighting some of the best games and gamepads alike. But after spending the last couple weeks with the latest Fire TV, we think there’s healthy competition here. If you’re an Apple fan, should you really grab an Amazon box? Maybe, and maybe not — here’s our take.

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