10 supremely useful Microsoft OneNote add-ins and tools

OneNote becomes even more powerful at organizing your life when its connected to the right add-ins and services.

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OneNote can do it all

If you embrace all of Microsoft OneNote’s capabilities, you’ll find that it can do just about anything to help you stay organized and productive. That utility doesn’t end with the core features. OneNote hooks into a ton of different services, so it’s easy to save everything from meeting notes to recipes and even emails to your digital notebook. 

You may not even be aware of how many plugins and other apps talk directly to OneNote. We’ve rounded up some of the most useful OneNote supplements to help make your powerful, purple notebook even better.



Feedly is one of the best RSS readers available thanks to its rapid performance, elegant design, and integration with so many services. If you’re a Feedly Pro subscriber, you can also save your articles right to OneNote.

That’s useful for doing research, or when you find an article you want to read later without having to search for it again. If you have a Surface or touch-friendly notebook, you can mark up the articles you save directly inside of OneNote, which I’ve found to be a valuable method for organizing my thoughts. 

Grab it: Feedly

onenote clipper

OneNote Clipper

The bulk of my work in OneNote revolves around articles I’ve clipped from the web. Clipping articles makes them easily searchable in OneNote—and, of course, available for markup with my handy Surface Pen.

If that’s part of your workflow, then you’ll want to make sure you install the OneNote clipper for Chrome, or one of the third-party options available for Firefox. Of course, the tightest integration is with Microsoft Edge, which builds OneNote clipping functionality directly into the browser.

Grab it: OneNote Clipper

office lens mobile

Office Lens

Another area where OneNote excels is image recognition. To take advantage of it, install the Office Lens app for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone. Then simply snap away at your next meeting and your images will be saved to OneNote. Better yet, you can use OneNote’s search ability to find any of the text in the images thanks to the service’s stellar optical character recognition.

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OneNote Publisher for Wordpress

If you maintain a blog and do most of your writing in OneNote, then the OneNote Publisher for Wordpress may be the plugin for you. 

This tool lets you export a OneNote page directly to a Wordpress blog. As with any plugin of this type, you’ll want to check formatting and HTML before you hit the Publish button, but it may be worth it to eliminate the step of writing in another program, or copy-and-pasting all the content over yourself.

Grab it: OneNote Publisher for WordPress


Onetastic for OneNote

Some folks swear by macros. If you like adding that level of specification to your Office files, then check out the Onetastic plugin.

With it, you’re able to add almost limitless customization to OneNote, such as embedding calendar entries and additional fonts. After you’ve installed the software, visit Macroland to see the custom macros available.

Grab it: Onetastic for OneNote



Microsoft has worked hard to make OneNote extendable for businesses and people who want to connect to other services. Zapier’s a sterling example of this, as it allows you to create a series of “zaps,” which automate certain processes. You can automatically tag certain emails to appear in OneNote, or set up automations by scanning business cards into OneNote or zapping in data from other programs. 

Grab it: Zapier

ifttt onenote


Speaking of automation, legions of people swear by IFTTT, a tool that connects disparate services so that when you perform an action in one, a related action is automatically performed in another. For example, you can configure IFTTT so that articles you star in Feedly are automatically saved to your Dropbox or Pocket account.

IFTTT works well with OneNote. You can create recipes to save particular messages from Gmail, Twitter, Feedly, or other services right into OneNote. Microsoft’s notebook has powerful search and organizational capabilities, so it’s an ideal place to save the key pieces of information from your various cloud services.

Grab it: IFTTT OneNote Channel

cloudmagic onenote


One of the best cross-platform email apps for mobile devices is CloudMagic. It handles Exchange, Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo, and just about anything else. Yet it also happens to have nifty OneNote integration, so you can save important emails right to one of your notebooks. You just need to connect your OneNote account to the email app and then you’ll be able to save messages with just a couple of taps.

Grab it: CloudMagic

onenote email

Email integration

There are other ways to get all your email messages into OneNote, though. From your account profile you can connect an email address to OneNote. After that, just forward a message to me@onenote.com and it’ll be saved to your Quick Notes section. This is also the best method to use for any mobile email app outside of CloudMagic, as Microsoft hasn’t build this capability into Outlook yet. There is a dedicated button to save to OneNote in the desktop vesions of Outlook, however.

Set up: Save emails to OneNote

printer integration

Printer integration

Got paper? There are various printing tools that will help you scan physical documents into the save-everything OneNote software.

Brother’s software will allow you to scan files directly into OneNote, which should save you some steps if you have a lot of files to digitize. Epson Document Capture Pro is another tool with OneNote hooks. It’s worth checking with your printer’s online help forums to see if it also offers such integration.

Finally, Windows 10 has a plugin in the print dialogue that will turn a webpage, Word document, PDF, or other file types into a OneNote page if you have Microsoft’s note-taking software installed. It’s super handy.