Review: 6 machine learning clouds

Amazon, Microsoft, Databricks, Google, HPE, and IBM machine learning toolkits run the gamut in breadth, depth, and ease

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What we call machine learning can take many forms. The purest form offers the analyst a set of data exploration tools, a choice of ML models, robust solution algorithms, and a way to use the solutions for predictions. The Amazon, Microsoft, Databricks, Google, and IBM clouds all offer prediction APIs that give the analyst various amounts of control. HPE Haven OnDemand offers a limited prediction API for binary classification problems.

Not every machine learning problem has to be solved from scratch, however. Some problems can be trained on a sufficiently large sample to be more widely applicable. For example, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, text analytics, and face recognition are problems for which "canned" solutions often work. Not surprising, a number of machine learning cloud providers offer these capabilities through an API, allowing developers to incorporate them in their applications.

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