Review: Google Bigtable scales with ease

If your data runs to hundreds of terabytes or more, look to Cloud Bigtable for high performance, ease of use, and effortless scaling without downtime

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  • Google Cloud Bigtable

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When Google announced a beta test of Cloud Bigtable in May 2015, the new database as a service drew lots of interest from people who had been using HBase or Cassandra. This was not surprising. Now that Cloud Bigtable has become generally available, it should gain even more attention from people who would like to collect and analyze extremely large data sets without having to build, run, and sweat the details of scaling out their own enormous database clusters.

Cloud Bigtable is a public, highly scalable, column-oriented NoSQL database as a service that uses the very same code as Google’s internal version, which Google invented in the early 2000s and published a paper about in 2006. Bigtable was and is the underlying database for many Google services, including Search, Analytics, Maps, and Gmail.

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