CIO Career Coach: How to ace a job interview (video)

Executive recruiter Martha Heller shares expert insight and advice on how to deliver a perfect performance in a job interview.

Welcome to the fourth episode of "CIO Career Coach," a video series I created with and, the video division of CIO's parent company, IDG.

In episodes one, two and three, we addressed how to know when it is time to get a new job, and to think carefully about what your next opportunity might look like. If you watched those videos, you've likely done some work on your brand and written a killer resume.

As a result of all of this hard work, I certainly hope recruiters have started to call! Now you're ready for the CIO Career Coach session on acing the job interview.

As an executive recruiter, I constantly prep IT executive candidates for job interviews. In fact, I have spent so many years coaching interviews that I cannot possibly cram all of that hard-won knowledge into a single session. So, I present to you the first of three videos (above) dedicated to acing a job interview. 

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