Shooting the supermoon

A look at the century’s largest full moon from around the globe

supermoon 1
Reuters (Reuters)

Heaven for photographers

Full moons are catnip for photographers under ordinary circumstances, but slap a name like supermoon on one, note that it’s the largest of the century, and the cameras will be out in full force. Here’s a selection of images provided by Reuters.

supermoon 2
REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz (Reuters)

New York City

Supermoon peeks through the clouds over New York City in this photo taken from Bayonne, N.J.

supermoon 3
REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha (Reuters)


The setting supermoon as seen in the northern capital of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

supermoon 4
REUTERS/Enrique de la Osa (Reuters)


The moon as seen near a statue of Jesus Christ in Havana.

supermoon 5
REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger (Reuters)


View from behind a statue on top of the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

supermoon 6
REUTERS/Eric Gaillard (Reuters)


The supermoon rises behind a statue on Massena Square in Nice.

supermoon 7
REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis (Reuters)


As seen through the Propylaea, the ancient Acropolis hill gateway, in Athens.

supermoon 8
REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov (Reuters)


Seen behind the Soyuz MS-03 spacecraft, ahead of its upcoming launch to the International Space Station.

supermoon 9
REUTERS/David W Cerny (Reuters)

Czech Republic

Two men silhouetted against the supermoon in Prague.

supermoon 10
REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (Reuters)

New York City

In the foreground is the Chrysler Building.

supermoon 11
REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach (Reuters)


Partly covered by clouds as it rises above the skyline of Frankfurt.

supermoon 12
REUTERS/David W Cerny (Reuters)

Czech Republic

An imposing image of the supermoon rising over Prague.

supermoon 13
REUTERS/Jason Reed (Reuters)


Barely visible participants in a “bridge climb” walk down the western span of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as the supermoon rises.

supermoon 14
REUTERS/Yagiz Karahan (Reuters)


As seen over the historical Galata Tower in Istanbul.