10 roadmaps to IT career success

Looking to start a new career in 2017, but want to get a feel for what different roles actually entail? We've rounded up our Career Roadmap series from 2016 so you can get a behind-the-scenes look at 10 hot IT career options.

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IT Career Roadmap Series Roundup

If you're considering a career in IT -- or looking to make a career change -- there's no better time than now. With salaries well above average and companies grappling with a talent shortage, you'll be well-compensated and your skills will be in high demand for years to come.

Over the past year, CIO.com's Career Roadmap series has taken an in-depth look at some of the hottest IT careers out there so you can get a behind-the-scenes view at careers in this field. Here are our top 10 Career Roadmap stories from 2016.

1 feb digital marketing
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Kristine Spence is a digital marketing pioneer whose career has undergone just as much of a digital transformation as the IT industry. Here, she talks about what it takes to be an innovator in the digital marketing arena.

2 mar mobile developer
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Chris Turner's mobile app development skills have taken his career journey in some unexpected places, including a reality TV show, ESPN and now the internet of things. Here, he talks about what it takes to be a mobile developer.

3 apr data scientist
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As organizations struggle to make sense of increasingly large amounts of customer and industry data, data scientists are becoming a must-have role for any IT department. Two data scientists for Kronos explain what it takes to succeed in one of the sexiest careers in IT today.

4 may tech evangelist
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Technology evangelists are increasingly important in today's digital world, where applications, software and Web platforms all compete for users' attention. Michael Sage explains what it's like to be a technology evangelist, and what it takes to make tech evangelism a career.

5 jun research scientist
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Amanda Stent's degree in music has informed her career as a research scientist as much as her computer science and mathematics education have. In this edition of the Career Roadmap, Stent talks about her journey into the research scientist role.

6 aug scrum trainer
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Angela Johnson saw firsthand how agile and Scrum transformed the manufacturing industry. With a technical background and a love of teaching, becoming a Scrum trainer was a perfect fit. Here, Johnson talks about what it takes to attain this specialized career.

7 sep head of devops
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DevOps requires not just a solid background in technology, but empathy, communication and stellar interpersonal skills. Eric Sigler, head of DevOps, talks about how to leverage both for a successful career in DevOps.

8 nov it project manager
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Behind every successful IT project are the unsung heroes of the technology industry: project managers. Kristyn Medeiros talks about the ins and outs, ups and downs of being an IT project manager.

9 dec sysadmin
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Despite rumors to the contrary, the systems administrator role is far from obsolete; the role has evolved and changed with the advent of cloud computing and virtualization. Sysadmin Nick Bush offers a glimpse into this critical, continually evolving IT career.