The Apple iPhone and the Evolution of Touch Screen Technology (Video)

What makes the iPhone so special, and why are the leading gadget manufacturers all offering iPhone lookalikes? CIO's Al Sacco says the device's success has much to do with its advanced, yet easy-to-use UI--and the fact that it works remarkably well without a stylus.

Mon, April 14, 2008

CIO — Touch screen technology isn't new. But what Apple did with the iPhone's touch-based user interface (UI) shined new light on the tech's potential, creating a powerful user appetite for touch electronics and sending gadget manufacturers into a mad dash to develop innovative products to meet the demand. Mobile phone manufacturers are leading that charge, hoping to rival Apple's success in the handset market with touch devices of their own. Though cell phones with touch-screen-UIs represented a mere fraction of the total number of mobile phones shipped last year, device makers will sell some 178 million phones with touch screens by 2011, according to new predictions from Multimedia Intelligence.

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In this four-minute video, CIO Online Writer Al Sacco shares his take on why the iPhone's the hottest gadget on the market, provides examples of the ripple effect its innovative touch screen has had on the electronics industry and wonders what's next in touch tech.

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