RIM BlackBerry Shortcuts: Eight Advanced Keyboard Tips for Power Users

Think you know all the typing, messaging, browser and navigation shortcuts for your BlackBerry smartphone? Don't be so sure. We've got new valuable tips and tricks in our most recent list of BlackBerry shortcuts for advanced users.

Tue, July 29, 2008

CIO — When it comes to BlackBerry shortcuts, we more than covered our bases earlier this year when we convinced insurance company Aflac's mobile guru to share her extensive list of BlackBerry keyboard tips and tricks. However, since that time, we've spent a lot of time digging into Research In Motion's (RIM) software and hardware offerings, to bring you multiple lists of free software downloads, battery life advice, memory optimization and performance tips, Bluetooth tricks and more. And along the way we discovered a few additional, little-known BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts.

So whether you're new to the whole BlackBerry scene or you've been sporting a 'Berry on your belt since the beginnings of push e-mail, we're sure you'll find the following list of eight BlackBerry shortcuts well worth a read.

When you're finished with our list, all you'll need is a shortcut to help you remember all these shortcuts. Unfortunately, you're on your own with that one...for now, at least.

(Note: Most of these BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts work only with devices that feature full QWERTY keyboards.)

Change BlackBerry Text Input Language on the Fly

All you multilingual BlackBerry users will appreciate this one. Switching text input languages on your BlackBerry at any point is a simple as simultaneously clicking two buttons. While on your home screen, just hit the ALT button and Enter key at the same time, use your trackball to scroll to the new language you'd like to use, then click the trackball to confirm the new selection. The first time you use this shortcut, you'll see a dialogue box that asks you to confirm the change, and you can choose not to show the message again the next time you switch languages using this method.

image of BlackBerry input language change screen

In order to switch back and forth between languages on your BlackBerry, you'll need multiple language packs installed on your device. For more on BlackBerry language packs, visit RIM's website.

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