RIM BlackBerry How To: Change E-Mail Signatures (BIS & BES)

BlackBerry e-mail auto-signatures let you save time on typing and reduce unnecessary strain on BlackBerry thumbs, as well as proactively apologize for possible typos. Follow these simple steps to create, modify or erase BlackBerry e-mail signatures--for both personal, or BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), and corporate, or BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), accounts.

Mon, March 02, 2009

CIOResearch In Motion (RIM) is to mobile e-mail what the late Heath Ledger is to fictional super-villians. In fact, RIM's known throughout the smartphone space as the clear leader in e-mail management, and that's due in no small part to its industry-leading "push" e-mail technology. Push delivers messages to users' BlackBerry inboxes almost instantaneously after they hit corporate or personal mail servers, as opposed to fetching messages at pre-set intervals.

screen shot of BlackBerry E-Mail Signature in a message
BlackBerry E-Mail Signature

But RIM's impressive reputation can also be attributed to the wide range of desktop-e-mail-like features it provides, including the ability to create and assign unique bits of text, or signatures, to e-mail boxes, so that text can be distributed along with every message sent.

E-mail signatures appear at the end of messages, and they commonly include the sender's name, address and relevant contact information. But you can also employ signatures to send a message--"I'll be away all next week, so get in touch today if you need me," for example--or as a warning that you're using a BlackBerry, and as such, your messages could have an inordinate amount of typos.

I typically target advanced BlackBerry owners, or power users, with my weekly BlackBerry Tips and Tricks. I've covered everything from backing up your BlackBerry and maximizing on-board memory and device battery life to installing and removing third party apps. This week, you don't have to be an expert to follow my BlackBerry e-mail auto-signature tutorial, starting with personal, Web-mail auto-signatures for BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) accounts and moving on to corporate, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) mailboxes.

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