ColorWare for BlackBerry Bold Review: Beautiful, Pricey...Not Quite Perfect

If you seek the very best in BlackBerry customization, ColorWare and its vast array of housing colors and color-combinations should be near the top of your list of choices. Check out our review for details on why ColorWare might be a perfect fit for you and your Bold--and why it might not.

Thu, May 14, 2009

CIO — If you're a raging CrackBerry addict--or even a burgeoning one--you've likely already taken steps to make your BlackBerry device "your own." Maybe you replaced that stock white trackball with a snazzy new red one, bought a fancy skin or an expensive case? Or perhaps you dropped a cool $1,500 on a custom yellow device from some fancy-pants department store. It happens, trust me...

BlackBerry Bold 9000 with ColorWare Treatment
BlackBerry Bold 9000 with ColorWare Treatment, a.k.a., the HULK BOLD (via @NanPalmero)

Bottom line: You can find many ways to customize your BlackBerry smartphone--especially if you use a BlackBerry Bold, one of Research In Motion's (RIM) most popular devices. ColorWare, a company known for its high-quality--and expen$ive--painted parts for gadgets of all shapes and sizes, including BlackBerrys, iPhones, Mac computers, Kindles and more, really grabbed my eye in recent days. And I was fortunate enough to get my thumbs hands on a set of ColorWare's BlackBerry Bold parts.

I assembled my ColorWare Bold myself to spare the time and extra dollars it takes to send your device to the company so that they can do the work for you. (Unfortunately the Bold is one of only a few devices that can be personalized and reassembled by customers.) And though the process wasn't difficult by any means, I'd be remiss to say it doesn't require some level of comfort and familiarity with gadgetry and electronics. I was also somewhat disappointed with the final results, though I can say with no hesitation that my BlackBerry looks like a million bucks decked out in ColorWare clothes.

Keep moving for specifics on why ColorWare and your Bold could be a match made in 'Berry Heaven...or why your wallet just might thank you for steering clear.

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First up, the good stuff...

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